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Travelogue 10/31

Well here we are in Whitestown, IN. We unloaded at 0dark30 this morning in Chicago. Deadheaded 120 miles to Rochester, IN. loaded, and brought the load to a team to deliver tomorrow morning in Norman, OK. Now waiting till tomorrow with 3 other drivers to combine all of our freight onto 1 trailer. Happy trick […]

MRambler’s Archives #2

Since I’m going to be heading out of town on Thursday, and, as par for the course, I’m not packed and ready yet, I thought I would Post this Archive a bit early…. Since there was a request for “King Crimson”, here’s “Terraplane’s” version of “Lark’s Tongue in Aspic“, and since this is an instrumental, […]

MR Coroner. 10/30

Our office has just learned of the passing of an Okla. broadcasting icon. Bob Barry Sr. was 80 He was found in his Norman home Sunday afternoon. Bob was the voice of the OU Sooners from 1961 until his retirement at the end of the 2010 football season. He was also the sports director for […]

Travelin’ with PDB…

Howdy everyone, just shut down for the night in Cuba, MO. What a week it’s been. After swapping with another team in Gila Bend,AZ. we headed back to S. Cal. got stopped and inspected at the CA scales where we got a citation for 1 brake shoe that was too thin. Thats how CS it […]

Travelogue 10/28

Ok after loading in So. Cal. we went to Calexico,CA and loaded more. I had to show the forklift driver how to make 1 box fit. I have to do my job and his too! Then we swapped with another team (2 drivers) so it could deliver on time. went back to calexico an dropped […]

MRambler’s Archives #1…..

Since we’re all not getting any younger, and I did receive a fairly good reception to Posting one of songs performed by one of the bands I used to be in, I thought I would, every week or so, Post a different song that hasn’t been heard by almost anyone but myself that was recorded […]

Travelogue 10/25

Good morning all. Today finds us in beautiful smoggy, downtown Ontario, CA. It’s still dark here I am ready for summer to come back. Don’t like the short days, I definately am not a fan of getting up in the dark. Anyhoo, we have 2 stops this morning out here in the LA area, then […]

Lookin’ at the World thru a Windshield 10/20

Been having phone browser problems. Hi all, from N. OKC. – Unloading @ 122nd and Broadway Ext. We spent Monday driving around Miami Beach, FL in the rain, because someone could not deliver last Fri. We finally got our load P/U at 1600pm and had to drive out in rush hour in the rain (remind […]

David Lindley at The Blue Door……

I had the great Pleasure to see David Lindley at the coolest local bar in OKC, maybe in the U.S., and that’s not stretching it!….. The Blue Door is a small club located near Oklahoma City University….. Nothing fancy, it’s really a musician’s club – a place where musicians go to here other great musicians, […]

Lookin’ @ the world thru a windshield 10/15

Well today finds us in Gaston, SC. Waiting to get loaded. Just had a good phone call with MR. Hope you get to feeling better. We are scheduled to deliver in W. Palm Beach, FL on mon. the 17th at 0630 Then go to Pompano Beach, FL to P/U for Dallas, TX. It’s nice to […]

Lookin’ at the World thru a Windshield 10/13

Well, kids here we are back on the road. Heading for Charlotte, N.C. can you say yoyo?

MR Coroner 10/05/11

We have just learned of the death of Actor Charles Napier at age 75. Many do not know the name but remember his rolls, notably as the tough talking Intel officer in Rambo II but most remember him as Tucker McElroy the “Lead Singer and Driver of the Winnebago” from the Blues Brothers. Check out […]

Lookin’ at the World thru a Windshield 10/11

I originally put up a post just before I got rolling Tues. morn but I guess it did not go thru, I’m still learning to use the phone as a browser. Anyhoo, I just made it home gonna take the 12th off and get back on the road Thursday the 13th. Talk to all of […]

Please Mr. Postman…..

Our really stupid Government (aka Big Business) is in the process of deleting the United States Postal Service…..  COME ON, the U.S.P.S. is an National Icon…..  It’s been around almost as long as our country has…..  I worked for the U.S.P.S. as a letter carrier for five years…..  I learned one thing – It’s no […]

Lookin’ at the World thru a windshield 10/10

Just got unloaded in Spartanburg, SC now waiting on dispatch to send me the next load. Once upon a time they sent us a pre-plan, so we knew what was next, now not so often. So when I know I’ll put it up. Ever wake up with a song in your head? today’s is “Little […]