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How to be Unemployed in 1 easy lesson.

As of 0830 this morning I am no longer a over the road truck driver. I have taken a new job in town (OKC) starting 05.Sep2007. I have seen enough of the country to last a lifetime, and decided it’s time to see my home for a while. Mrs. J.J. is Extremely Overjoyed with this […]

Music Trivia 08.26.07

This group formed in 1968 is one of the most sucessful progressive rock bands in history, in 1983 they reworked their musical style on their album which was titled after the record company’s catalogue number for it. one hit from this album’s video has several different versions and back when MTV played videos one never […]

DID YOU KNOW…….I didn't think so. On oysters

“Fast as a Kentish oyster “, i.e. hermetically sealed. Kentish oysters are proverbially good and all good oysters are fast closed. “No more sense than an oyster”. Oysters have a mouth, but no head. Oyster Part. An actor who appears, speaks, or acts only once. Like an oyster, he opens but once. This may have […]

The Band, Jake, The Band……

Since HS was asking about, “Where’s my Strat”, I thought I would post this shot taken during a band practice at my house, which was before we found a practice studio and I traded the Twin in for a Dual Showman…… I paid $260 for the brand-new Made in the USA Strat in ’72…… American […]

Engage Your Brains……

I’m reserving this spot for the next MR’s De-Educational Quiz even though Jek said I couldn’t reserve a Post hole for a future post…… So, limber up the brain pan and the fingers and get ready…… As Brother Dave said, “It’ll be here, everybody wants to see it, and it’ll be here, Saturday the 25th”….. […]

DID YOU KNOW……I didn't think so.

” To kiss the hare’s foot” means to be too late for anything, to be a day after the fair. The hare has gone by and left its footprint for you to salute. A similar phrase is “To kiss the post”. Also, “Harefoot”. Swift of foot as a hare. And in case you missed the […]

Super Chops

Mutton Chops are in! I’m trying to start a movement here, you see. Now all I require is for each of you to let ’em grow. Then we can all be the new Super Friends. * Super power sold separately.

Music Trivia 08.19.07

THE BIG ELVIS QUIZ This weeks quiz is dedicated to the Biggest Elvis fan that I ever met P.L. Rest In Peace. For die hard Elvis fans this one should be easy. 1. In his career He only won 3 grammys, what were they for? 2. What was Elvis’s 1st #1 song? 3. What month […]


As most of you know we lost a charter member of our community this week MR’s Brother P.L. He never made a post but he influenced some of mine, and helped give me the love and knowledge of Music that I use in doing my quizzes. His service will be on Saturday August the 18th […]

Music Trivia 08.12.07

Jack Norworth and Nora Bayes co-wrote Shine On, Harvest Moon. Norworth also co-wrote a song in 1908, with Albert Von Tilzer, that thousands of people sing every day in the United States for approximately six months out of the year. 4 Points

MR’s De-Educational Quiz – Apollo 11….

We all know Neil Armstrong’s first words when he set foot on the moon…… Or do we?….. The quote goes: “That’s one small step for man. One giant step for mankind.” Neil had to have the recording played back to him during de-briefing because he was sure that was NOT what he said…… For One […]

40 Years of Rolling Stone……

The Fortieth Anniversary of RS is on the stands…… It has a sticker on the front “SUMMER OF LOVE 1967 – San Francisco – Woodstock – London – The Sunset Strip – Making Sgt. Pepper’s – Dylan – Jimi – Janis – The Doors – 40 Classic Albums……. Has a lot of interesting articles……. Memories […]


I know most of this community aren’t into sports, but I found this quote interesting: “And if nothing else, we can say that Bonds is truly the greatest steroids hitter in major league history. I know, I know, that’s a stupid statement, satisfying to no one… but then again, as Chuck Klosterman pointed out rather […]

The Band, Elwood, The Band……

The Band: Terraplane The Location: University of Oklahoma between the Towers The Dates: 23rd and 25th-August-1975…… Just a blast from the Past…… I was going to include one of the songs recorded on the 25th, but, I’ve got to get Jek’s help to upload it…… It was recorded on a HeathKit cassette deck with two […]

MR’s De-Educational Quiz- Who Is It?……

Cited in modern times as one of the“Renaissance Men”, this man, although a genius, did not deserve the title…… He cared nothing about Latin and Greek….. He never wrote poems or orations. He had little to say about philosophy and theology….. He took no interest in history, nor was he an architect or a sculptor….. […]