Please Mr. Postman…..

Our really stupid Government (aka Big Business) is in the process of deleting the United States Postal Service…..  COME ON, the U.S.P.S. is an National Icon…..  It’s been around almost as long as our country has…..  I worked for the U.S.P.S. as a letter carrier for five years…..  I learned one thing – It’s no cushy job – Everyone from the Postmaster down had to work their butts off to keep up……

A few facts:  U.S.P.S. is one of the few Government agencies that is required to generate it’s own revenue to support itself…..  The problem is they are so over-regulated by that same Government, that that’s impossible…..  Big Business (UPS, Fed-Ex, etc) wants them out of business, and, stupid us, are letting them get away with it…..

They have already laid-off 150,000 Postal workers and plan to lay off an additional 250,000…. They are condensing down Post Offices and closing small Post Offices all across the Nation…. The ultimate plan is that YOU definitely will not get home delivery of your mail – You will have to go to the local grocery store or somewhere similar (sound like the 1800’s?) to get your mail….. That’s just what I want – A unskilled pimple-faced teenage stocker going through my Mail….. People have started protesting about Wall StreetDon’t Stop thereLet’s take our Country Back!…..

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  1. I couldn’t agree more!

  2. Hey, I know what – Let’s all send President O’Bummer a First-Class Letter stating that we want the Post Office bailed out like he did all his Big Business Buddies in the Real Estate, Banking, and Automotive Industries…. Make sure that you press the POINT that you see at least ONE Postal Worker almost everyday, but, you’ve never seen any of the CEO’s or any of the employees that received all our hard-earned Bail-Out tax dollars…… Let’s see, was that Pensions or Bonus’ that the Bail-out money went for?……. Trickle-Down DOES NOT WORK!….. WAKE-UP WASHINGTON……

  3. I dont see how it would work and still keep much of a postal service in small towns.

    And what’s the definition of “small”.

  4. I didn’t say it would accomplish anything, Anon, but, it would be impressive if about a billion letters were dumped in the Oval Office!!….. It can’t be any worse than what is happening now…. Seriously, the situation is a lot worse than they are releasing to the media…..

    I would not consider Spencer, the suburb of Oklahoma City that I live in, to be “small”, but, they have already transferred all the letter carriers and clerks (except ONE, YES, ONE, Ono)….. The only mail that comes to the Spencer Post Office is the letters and packages that go in the P.O. Boxes….. All the mail routes in the town of Spencer are delivered out of another P.O…. Basically, The Spencer P.O. is run by One (1) Lonely (I’m sure) Postal employee….. I don’t think that it’s future is very bright….. Spencer’s Post Office was opened before Oklahoma became a State – Over a Hundred years ago, and in less than the space of two years this administration has managed to bring the Postal Service and Our Country to the Brink of non-existence…… Sad, Sad, Sad…..

  5. MR: I like that idea!!!! I just put mine in the mailbox. (sidenote) You know the Media is blasting the Wall Street Protesters, but At Least they are out there making their voices heard!! It makes me think there is a small glimmer of hope for us yet, Remember everyone it is our right to protest that which we find unjust.
    (sidesidenote) You guys read that MR used to be a letter carrier, [Now correct me if my memory is flawed on this] but, Ask him where he almost was on 20 August 1986. and then decide for yourselves weather or not there is someone looking out for him.

  6. Yeah, most people don’t know that the term, “Going Postal” was created out of the shootings at the Edmond, Oklahoma Post Office on 20AUG86….. I was working at the Village Branch at the time (about 20 minutes South)…. We had loaned out a few of our carriers to the Edmond P.O., but, I didn’t have to go on that day – Luckily, none of our people were injured, although, I did end up delivering mail for a few days in Edmond during the Aftermath of the tragedy….. It’s something you don’t want to think about, but, you need to remember in the hope that it will NEVER occur again……

  7. You know this is getting rediculous, I have been trying to mail a letter for 3 days now. I remember when there was a big blue mailbox on just about every corner and at just about every truck stop. now…….. I DEMAND MY POSTAL SERVICE AS A TAXPAYER!!!!!!

  8. I agree with you 100%, Mr. J…… They’re phasing out the USPS right under the Taxpayer’s noses without the people’s consent or knowledge…… We are going to wake up one morning in the near future and wonder why there is no mail delivery on ANY day!….. It will be too late then…… All the while Big Business and the Power Mongers are laughing all the way to THEIR Banks with all your money they’re going to make off the system they have in store for the common Taxpayer to send and receive letters and packages…. I don’t think it will be very pretty……

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