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MR is OK

MR is doing fine.  The surgeon told us that they were able to save both of his parathyroid glands. (The ones that regulate calcium.)  They also got all of nodule/potential tumor out–along with the entire thyroid.  Fortunately it appears the nerve to his vocal chords is fully operational, meaning that he is able to talk/complain. […]

Monty Python

I have been watching the series on PBS the last few weeks “Monty Python’s Personal best” . The surviving members of Python are starring in different episodes playing their personal favorite skits. My Question, What is your favorite Python, Skit, Album, Movie, Member. Also do you think they are as funny and relevent as they […]

Stocks & Bonds

Fed kills a key inflation gauge Friday, March 31, 2006 The Fed wants you to think it’s fighting inflation. So why did it kill an important measure of the money-supply boom that feeds rising prices? The U.S. Federal Reserve made big news at the end of March. And almost nobody noticed. Here’s the headline you […]

On Again….. (Off Again?)…..

I hope not!…… Well, the surgery has been rescheduled for this Friday the 31st……. I won’t know the exact time until the day before…… Surely, this thing will come down this time and I can put it behind me….. So-o-o, I leave the Blog in Community hands…… Use and Abuse to your heart’s desire……. So […]


F SHARP. A flea. The pun is F, the initial letter, and sharp because the bite is acute. generic propecia online pharmacy (see B Flats. ) Maybe someone could explain that one to me. B FLATS. Bugs. The pun is “B” (the initial letter), and “flat,” from the flatness of the obnoxious insect. I found […]

E-QUIZ 1: Rupert's Balls

While MR is indisposed, here is an educational quiz to enlighten and entertain. The first correct answer will receive 10 points. WHAT ARE RUPERT’S BALLS?

Stranger Things Have Happened (But I Don’t know to whom or where)

About three weeks ago, I met with the surgeons at the V.A. and was officially set-up for Thyroid surgery on the 24th of March….. Everyday since then, I’ve awoke with knots in the stomach, nervousness, sleeplessness, and headaches just thinking of all the possible outcomes of the surgery, but, there was one scenario that had […]

Coincidence or Stranger than Fiction?

Just ran across this tidbit of info. Me thinks we’re all bozos on this bus. Either that or have entered the Twilight Zone? Anyone believe in fate? Superstitions? Occult? Black Magic? Abra Cadabra? I Dream of Jeannie? Supernatural? The Holocaust? Do you believe in Magic? Lovin’ Spoonful? I could go on, but I’ll spare you […]

Get Well Soon M.R.

As all of you know our esteemed Administrator and Friend Midnight Rambler is scheduled for a Medical procedure this Friday the 24th. I hope all of you join with me in wishing MR a speedy full recovery. I spoke with him this evening and was not feeling well, I hope that they can fix whatever […]


With the first game starting in about an hour, has everybody filled out their bracket? As far as local interest goes, I have OU making it to the second round, Washington making it to the round of 16, and Texas beating Kansas in the semi-final game. UConn takes it all (not really out on a […]

C.A.S.A. de Weather?…..

This one’s aimed at HS University….. I heard that they have an outstanding meteorology department there with direct connection to the National Storms lab in Norman, Oklahoma…. I caught a little bit on this on a local TV weather broadcast…. C.A.S.A., which I assume is an abbreviation for something (hence the periods I put in), […]

How Many Laws?…..

These people we call “Law-Makers”, i.e., Senators and Representatives, just what do they do with their time and why are they on the tax-payers payroll?….. I mean, the United States has had a constitution for over 200 years now…. Have you ever thought of how many laws you could write in 200 years!?…. I’m surprised […]

So You Think You’ve Had It Rough……

This is rather long, but I think everyone should find it interesting, besides I live in downtown MR Central and I like it… Despite anguish and illness, the legendary musician Neil Young says… “I Just Keep Going” By Lisa Birnbach – Published: February 19, 2006 Neil Young remembers the morning last March when he was […]

April One Petition….

I hereby propose that we make “April Fool’s Day” a National holiday….. You can celebrate the “Fools” that are in political office, or the “Fools” that put them there….. I know this will cause problems with our current system of placing almost all of our National holidays on Mondays, but we could do away with […]

Happy First Birthday to MRCentral!

Happy birthday MRC!  It’s been one full year since the first post here at MRambler Central–and a good year at that.  You had a shaky start but have settled in nicely as a spot to see and debate different views and share experiences with fellow members. Time for the sing-along: You say it’s your birthday […]