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Where’s Your Towel?…..

According to the News this morning, today is “National Towel Day” in honor of Douglas Adams…… I’m hoping everyone in the MR Community knows who he is and the importance of your own personal towel….. If not, I hope you don’t get picked up by the Vorlons, and if you do, hopefully Ford Prefect will […]

Goodbye to the Air God Of Morning Radio

About 1986/7 I tuned into a new station here in OKC, And since 96X had earlier gone to a country format it bacame the only station with a Classic Rock/Album Format. Shortly after their sign on they launched their own morning show. The comic side kick was a guy named Greg Moore otherwise known as […]

Quiz 2010-1, Phase “C”…..

Phase “C” may be the one to finish out Quiz 2010-1, maybe, we’ll see….. Here are the “Current Standings”:1st place: Robo 84 Points, 2nd Place: Jek 55 Points, 3rd Place: Zook 45 Points, 4th Place: Anon 34 Points, 5th Place: HuskeySooner 22 Points…… Slight Change in the rules – The first one to 100 doesn’t […]

Interim Quiz

Found this trivia question.  Any ideas? Before establishing himself as an icon of Southern California mellow this multi-instrumentalist played with Jerry Butler, Gene Vincent, and Buck Owens to name a few. Who is he and what two groups was he a member of?

Quiz-O-Matic Phase “C” Alert….

Phase “C” of 2010-1 Quiz will be up this Friday – 07MAY10 – 6:00 pm CDT (4:00 pm  PDT)……Phase “A” and Phase “B” were overwhelming successes and,  Phase “C” will, hopefully, continue to be as much fun….. Here are the “Current Standings”:1st place: Robo 84 Points, 2nd Place: Jek 55 Points, 3rd Place: Zook 45 Points, 4th Place: Anon 34 Points, […]

Guizer – What you mean, fool?

Hey MR, you’ve been using the word guizer and variations thereof in your quiz posts. I decided to look it up. It doesn’t seem to be an official English word. However, there is a book from 1975 whose title implies it has something to do with fools. Just what are you saying about us!? The […]