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Those Seagulls

What can I say about the Seagulls that hasn’t already been said. Now it’s on to beat those egg sucking Communists. I hope unbelievers saw last weeks game. What, did someone say something?

RIP (Again) More Great Musicians Too Young

Well we have lost 2 more great musicians Last week longtime bass player for Neil Young Tim Drummond passed. Before joining Neil during the Harvest sessions Tim had played with such greats as James Brown and Conway Twitty. He was 72. Then this weekend we learned of the passing of original CSN&Y drummer Dallas Taylor. […]

I Guess You Could Say……..

I had a BIG Medical Holiday (Ha!)…….As all of the MR Community knows, I think, I spent the 28th of December through the 3rd of January in the confines of the OKC VA Facility (VA Hospital)……  Seems it wasn’t my choice, but, if things didn’t fall into place the way they did, I might not […]