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Anyone seen or heard from Cpl. Furbot? I know usually that no news is good news, but in his case………..

Nov. 22 1963 – 2012

On this thanksgiving day let us never forget that 49 years ago the 35th President of the United States of America was forcefully removed from office by Assassination in Dallas, TX. at 12:30pm CST Let us pray that someday the facts/Truth will be revealed.

Happy Turkey Day!…….

I don’t care for turkey myself…..  I will probably go with ham….  So, anyway, Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!……

Blue Grass

For those of you who like Blue Grass with a twist generic sample viagra try the Punch Brothers Their not your usual Blue Grass bunch. I saw them on Austin City Limits last night. Tight!

Demo”Rat”?….. Republi”Can’t”?…..

I’m NEITHER!…..  I’m a 100% Ameri”CAN”!!!!…..  Although I don’t think things will change much with the election of either of the choices we have, EVERYONE should get out and vote tomorrow if you haven’t already….  There are always State Questions, Judges to be retained, and local officials to be voted on, and, maybe, just maybe, […]

JoJo’s ?

anyone heard from the JoJo’s?. did they get detained by canadian customs trying to smuggle Molsons across the border? EH…Here JoJo’s…HELLO.