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High way Stories

I was send an e-mail with this little story and song. Thought the community might like it. Any one else have an amusing story about cops, cars, road trips, etc?

A Little Help?…..

MRB’s getting domesticated…… I know, it’s hard to believe….. I went out and actually bought a Bed with a bookcase headboard and a matching Night Stand with Two (2) Humongous sized drawers….. I’ve figured out where my mattress goes and some of the junk, including books, that will go in the headboard….. It’s the Night […]

One More Blues…..

Really, I’m not trying to turn MRambler Central into a Blues Blog, but, I just can’t pass up passin’ this one on…. You can blame some of this on Jek, as he is the one who got me two tickets to see “Watermelon Slim” at “The “Blue Door” for my birthday…… So-o-o, I’m back into […]

Jet-Powered Cars? In the 60’s?

You probably missed them since they were never available for sale. Interested? You can read about it in “Chrysler’s Turbine Car” by Steve Lehto. Here is the opening from the book review in The Wall Street Journal: What Would Don Draper Drive? In this automotive age of gutless golf carts shaped by computerized wind tunnels, […]

Here’s How….

…You do business in the music industry….. As I said in my earlier Post on Harmonica Hinds, I had ordered a copy of his new CD: H.H. also sent me a link for a free download of “Walking Down the Street”…. I asked him if I could Post it on the blog for everyone….. He […]

Honor for a Oklahoma Hero

An Oklahoma Hero has been honored by the State Department of Transportation. Billy Walkabout a Sgt at the time in Vietnam who helped to save the lives of members of his Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol Team on 20 Nov 1968 has been honored by the naming of a section Of Interstate 40 on the East […]

“Will You Still Need Me?…..

…..Will You Still Feed Me?”…… I wasn’t sure if I wanted to let the Community know just how old MRB is, but, if you know the song that the two opening lines are from, the secret’s out…… October 3rd was the day, and, I can’t believe I’ve reached that plateau in my life….. Heck, I […]

MRambler/Harmonica Hinds – Bluesmen…

Yep, MR is now an acknowledged “Bluesman” by one of the best –Chicago Blues great Harmonica Hinds…. Check out the background on my earlier Chicago Blues Post. I finally got around to sending him an e-mail* yesterday along with a copy of Dan’s Blues (Blues for Dan) for H.H. to check out, of course I really […]

It’s 10/10/10!

This one is for JJ.  Today is 10/10/10.  101010 is what number in binary? 42! Some people are celebrating “42 Day“. Did you use your towel today?

The Best Breakfast I Ever Had

Anon suggested this for a topic and I think it’s great.  Check out his first course on this topic.  For me, I really don’t have a particular standout in mind.  But I will say that my Grandma’s grits and round bacon were the best.  Yes you heard right, round bacon.  Maybe MR can elaborate on […]


You can blame this one on Jek…… He suggested “Pancakes” as a topic in my previous post….. Maybe he remembered “Pancake Records and Tapes” in his subconscious since it was a long time ago or maybe he was talking about the eating kind….. Here’s the “Pancake” story….. We had recorded a few live concerts (including […]

Any Ideas?……

Look’s like we’ve left out the Seattle connection on Mr. J.’s post on Oklahoma Malls, so, I’m (MR) looking for suggestions on topics to discuss from any and all in the Community….. Believe me, I have opinions on anything!…. Just ask Jek….. Just give me a direction – Music, Politics (yuck), History, etc., etc….. Just […]

Mall Stories?

Jek gave me a idea from a comment. I know a lot of our community is from the Oklahoma area,( sorry Seattleites) so Anybody got any good stories related to any of our malls? That will be going away soon, or even those that will survive the e-commerce revolution. (Penn Square, Quail Springs, Sooner Fashion(Norman),Heritage […]