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Please take the time to take a short survey please…..

These words have taken over the land, and I am extremely tired of them. I was going through my receipts for some tax stuff and I have noticed that 90% of the credit card/Cash register receipts have over half of the receipt about taking a Survey! Aren’t we supposed to be conserving paper? How about […]

Justice Finally Served WM3

Friday August 19th 2011 I received some of the best news I could ever hope for. A cause that has been close to my heart has had a positive turn. The West Memphis 3 has been released from prison in Arkansas after 18 years. Thanks to the pressure from many people not just the celebrities […]

Music Trivia “Did ya Know3”

MR’s last post got me thinkin’ (I know, Scary Huh) Did you know that the Banjo solos and backing Vocals/Harmony’s on Neil Young’s Harvest Album were performed by James Taylor. That’s right, That’s Sweet Baby James pickin’ banjo on Old Man.

“Fire and Rain”…

Just finished listening to “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor……  My mind wandered a bit and I started comparing the song’s title to our weather this Summer in Oklahoma……  The “Fire” part we have exceeded on all levels – Temp wise we tied the all-time record of days over 100 (50 Days) Saturday, and since we still […]

Columbo Quiz…..

No, the quiz isn’t about Columbo, it was in one of the Columbo episodes entitled, “Caution: Murder Can be Hazardous To Your health”…..  In the episode, Columbo asks George Hamilton, who plays Wade Anders, a host on “Crime Alert” – one of those, “If you’ve seen this person and/or know their whereabouts, call and turn […]

27-String Guitar!…….

That’s a lot of strings…..  How would you like to be this guy’s roadie and have to change the strings on this monster guitar and keep the darn thing in tune……  I sometimes have problems keeping my 6-string guitar in tune, especially when I’m pushing and bending the strings a lot…… A friend of mine […]

JoJo Mobile (Ret.)

Well today an era comes to an end. Mrs. J.J. and Myself have officially retired the original Jojo mobile. As those of you who took place in the JoJo Fest in Ft. Worth, TX hosted by Lawman know the 1990 Dodge caravan that MR and Robo brought for transportation AKA the “JoJo Mobile” It was […]

Help me I’m melting!!

I stopped by the MR HQ today. MR went to get something out of the freezer, there came this voice from the back. PDB started screaming ” Close the Door, I’m not cooling the whole neighborhood” And ” You two are just jealous you cant fit in here”. You know sometimes the little furry B. […]