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ANOTHER EDUCATIONAL QUIZ……..Jack And The Stalk of Beans

What were the three treasures of the giant in Jack And The Bean Stalk?

Music Trivia 04.29.07

We all know that Deep Purple’s hit Smoke on the water was based on a true story. Concerning the album that it is from “Machinehead” which celebrates it’s 30th anniversary this year. What was bassest Roger Glover arressted for in 1972 at Heathrow Airport that is directely related to the recording of that album and […]

EDUCATIONAL QUIZ………Another way of saying it

Another way of saying “He is soft as a noodle” would be “He is ____ _____ “

Music Trivia 04.15.07

This guitarist was born in New York May 26 1964. He grew up in Beverly Hills where some of his classmates were Slash Of Guns and Roses and singer Maria McKee.


This repetitious vocal music was named after Gregory The Great in 600 AD.

Saturday the 14th…..

Since I didn’t get any responses to my Friday the 13th post, I guess no one survived the 13th and I might as well close this place down…… …….NOT!….. I wonder if anything bad is supposed to happen on a Saturday the 14th?…… Hollywood made a lame-o movie by that name….. Since I didn’t have […]

Stormy Friday (the 13th)……

Yep, a perfect way to start a Friday the 13th, we got heavy thunderstorms goin’ on right now, temperatures dropping, and even a chance of snow before the weekend is over….. Looks like we having our March weather in April…… Friday the 13th was explained in either “Angels and Demons” or “The Da Vinci Code”….. […]


Translate “Nullum magnum ingenium absque mixtura dementia est “. (a clue: concentrate on “ingenium” and “dementia” )

Music Trivia 4.08.07

This group sometimes bills itself as “Dove, The band of Love” Opening for itself.

What happened to the music stores?

Here’s a good New York Times article about the bad moves made by record labels and the RIAA which hastened the demise of the music store: Spinning Into Oblivion A quote: The major labels wanted to kill the single. Instead they killed the album. The association wanted to kill Napster. Instead it killed the compact […]

Easter Monday?…..

My 2007 Jimi Hendrix calendar has the following dates highlighted for the Easter season this year: April 6 – Good Friday, April 8 – Easter Sunday, and April 9 – Easter Monday….. The first two I’ve known about all my life, but, What is Easter Monday?….. Has the bunny population got so out of hand […]

Music Trivia 4.01.07

This Great Great Great nephew of Herman Melville is sometimes refered to as the “King of Techno”


What mexican pharmacy is Greek Fire?