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The best cure for a hangover is?…………….please.

James Brown 1933-2006

We just learned of the passing of the Godfather of Soul, Mr. Please Please, The hardest working Man in Show Business. James Brown. on X-mas day.

DID YOU KNOW (I didnt think so) CHRISTMAS

Christmas day was transferred from Jan. 6th to Dec. 25th in 1582 by Julius I. Christmas Decorations. The great feast of Saturn was held in December when the people decorated the temples with green things. This custom was transferred to Christmas. Christmas carols are in commemoration of the song of the angels to the shepherds […]


RtG would like to wish all of you a Happy Hannuka, a Super Solstice, a Quality Kwanza, a Healthy and Prosperous New Year and, if you’re inclined to celebrate that bogus birthday business, have a merry one.

Merry Christmas, etc., etc……..


The dye carmine (also crimson) is made from what??? Comments on the rules are in. I think the fun is in the information you find looking for the answers and the answers I get to read. In the end we are on the honor system. SO, AS THE decider, I HAVE DECIDED ” WHAT EVER”. […]


Yes, Herr Quizzenmiester, I got the hardware. Some of you slackers aren’t participating in the educational quiz. Look what you’re missing out on ! I’m going to have to build a freaking trophy case.

Thunder and Lightning!………

I’m a bit slow on getting this posted, but, J.J.’s weather compliant made me think it was time….. If you remember my North to Alaska (Almost) post, I stated that I did bring an official Oklahoma Thunderstorm to Seattle…… Check-out this picture that was taken that day!……. That IS the Space Needle on the right….. […]


What is the significance of the Greek “Battle of Frogs And Mice”?


Great Performances on PBS Monday evening the Crossroads Guitar festival, Looks like a good one. Check it out.

I Hope You’re Happy!

Forgive me If I am a little off on the time line: MR, I hope you enjoyed all the winter weather the last few weeks. Lets see, You went to MR Central, NW Division you got rain and snow. You got back to MR Central, you got Ice and Snow. Meanwhile, I Got snowed in […]

Remember Pearl Harbor?

If you are a “Politically Correct” kind of person, then read no further!….. As of today (December 7th), it’s been 65 years since the Japanese brutally and savagely pulled-off their unprovoked infamous “sneak attack” against The United States at Pearl Harbor in 1941….. To me, the Japanese were far more fanatical and “Pure Evil” than […]

Turkey and Gravy Soda — Just like Mom’s — Burp!

A couple of weeks ago, Tarn and I hosted a Jones Holiday Soda tasting party.  We had two soda packages from Jones: The 2005 Regional Pack and The 2006 Holiday Pack (9 sodas total), and we paired them with the real dishes. We also captured the tasting notes of various attendees.  Here they are for […]

EDUCATIONAL QUIZ………sounds animals make

If bears “growl”, asses “bray”, bulls “bellow”, what sound does a beetle make?