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R.I.P. Crime Bustin’ Rustin’ Dusten

This is from My Facebook Because I can’t bear to type it again. I have just been informed of the passing Dusten McKee. You have heard the old saying “He was Like a Son to me” ?  Well, it was very true with Dusten. He went to school with Jek, and, when they would “Ditch” school I was […]

It’s 2013!…..

Happy New Year!…..  This is the first Post of 2013…..  Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable New Year’s Eve…..  I’m sure some of you are not up yet and/or nursing a small/medium/large hangover (Ha!)…..  I had a nice quiet one, especially after the two Furbots left…..  They haven’t turned up as of yet and, […]