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It’s New Year’s Eve…..

Do you know where your “Resolutions” are?……  Yeah, it’s time to make them again…..  I just refer to the same list I’ve had for years…..  I figure sooner or later I might actually complete one of them…..  Maybe I set my goals too high?….  Oh, Well, It’s all part of the Season……  I’ve also got […]

It’s Christmas Day!…..

…..And since there is no “Sanity Clause” this Year, Everyone have a Very Merry “Totally Mad” Christmas Day!!!! (See previous Post for details)……  ENJOY the HOLIDAYS…….

A Totally Mad Christmas…..

We’re all in a rush this close to Christmas, so here’s your C-card from MR HQ…..

Remember When

Robo has given me an Idea for a post. (Go Figure I can’t think up much on my own) Where were you when it happened/Heard about it. Since I know most of the ages of our community I will start at 1960 (For you 2or3 older folks) The Cuban Missile Crisis Nov 22 1963 (JFK […]


Imagine the music

The Beatles Chili

We’re about to have our 3rd Annual Chili Cook-off at work and I was working on this year’s poster for our chili when I ran into a previous year’s poster. With all the Beatles/iTunes love, it seems appropriate. Hope you enjoy and get hungry!

That Time Already?…..

How did it get to be Christmas time again this quick?……  Seems like I just finished shopping, making, buying, wrapping, and, sending off all of 2009’s Christmas stuff…..  Ar-r-r-gh!…..  Oh, well, time to slap on the “Happy Face” and do it all again…..  There’s even a slight chance of Snow here today…..  I know I’ve […]