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Davy Crockett/Daniel Boone RIP

We learned of the passing of Fess Parker on the 18th. The 85 year old actor passed away at his home in CA.Where he had been operating a winery. A tip of the ol’ Coon Skin Cap.


Alex Chilton, Rock Star, Dies Alex Chilton, the frontman for the 1970s power pop band Big Star, died Wednesday at 59. Big Star, which disbanded in 1974 but regrouped in the early 1990s, was a critically recognized rock group whose music influenced bands such as R.E.M, the Gin Blossoms, and Teenage Fanclub.


Maybe it’s time for a superior alien race to intercede. Georgia: “Invasion” hoax used to whip up anti-Russian fears Viewers of the 8pm Saturday news broadcast by the Imedi network in the former Soviet republic of Georgia switched on their televisions to see an invading force of Russian tanks and soldiers heading towards the capital, […]

P.D. Bob’s Weather Antenna….

I would’ve Posted this sooner, but, there was this visit from Jek….. He proceeded to re-invent my computer and reorganize everything!….. As soon as he left MR HQ, P.D. Bob decided he didn’t like any outsider (to him) messin’ about with the layout of things – so-o-o, he promptly reorganized everything to his liking….. Needless […]