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Self-Inflicted Stupidity

When asked if whiskey made people able to perform tasks more effectively, Dr. William Osler explained, “No, it just makes them less ashamed of doing them badly.”

Enough is Enough!

I never thought I would say that I am ashamed to be an American….. I’ve always thought we, as Americans, lived in the greatest nation on Earth…. We are a free, compassionate, loving people, who consider ourselves as the protectors of Freedom and justice for the world… ….Or so I thought until the recent despicable […]

Can’t pick house colors? Photoshop to the rescue.

Our neighbors painted their house yellow and are having trouble finding good accent colors. Besides going with the yellow, the accent color(s) can’t make the house look too much like the orangish one across the street. (We have a colorful neighborhood.) Anyway, I offered my budding photoshop skills. I basically selected like-color chunks of the […]

Red Dwarf

Just finished watching series 5 and 6 of Red Dwarf which were just recently released on DVD…….. I already had series 1 thru 4…….. Thanx to Jek for getting me hooked on Red Dwarf…….. It’s the best Si-Fi comedy I’ve ever seen…… The DVD’s are loaded with lots and lots of extras and full-length commentaries […]

Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

In 1996, a Cambodian newspaper came up with a novel solution for England’s mad cow disease……. The paper suggested that England ship its diseased cattle to Cambodia, where they would be turned loose in the fields to blow up unexploded land mines……

Hobson’s Choice

We just got back from seeing “Hobson’s Choice” performed by the Exchange Theatre. They did an excellent job. There was quite a bit of energy in this old play. Basically it is about a man and his three daughters in 1880s Brittain. The man, Hobson, owns a shoe shop but is more or less owned […]

Courting Morons

In 1979, a man sued the Coors beer company for turning him into an alcoholic….. He claimed that Coors beer should have had a label printed on the can warning drinkers that it contained alcohol…..


Well I finally got around to redeeming my utilikilt gift certificate that Tarn gave me for Christmas 2003, GaSp! Has it been that long? No matter, I am now sporting a utilikilt — not a fancy skirt, mind you. Check them out at I picked The Mocker in postal blue. It looks very nice. […]

That Pecker Head

Nature’s alarm clock is a little off. I’m not talking about my internal clock or even the weather. I’m talking about a woodpecker that has decided that to peck our aluminum stove vent cover (on the chimney) around 6:30am. Tarn informs me that he is a Northern Flicker. I call him Pecker Head. So the […]

Dumb Product Warning Labels

On a fireplace log: “Caution, risk of fire.”

“Cornbread are square”

Cornbread are square, don’t you know?

Smart Thoughts about Stupidity

“We learn from history that we do not learn from history.” — George Hegel, philosopher

Fines for the Weatherman

Heard on the news today that the citizens of Moscow (That’s the one in Russia) are so fed-up with the bad weather forcasting messing up their plans, that the city council (or whatever they have over there runnin’ the place) have decided to stop funding the meteorological community and may start imposing fines on weathermen […]

This blog is now running WordPress 1.5.

Tonight I upgraded this blog from WordPress 1.2.2 to WordPress 1.5. The biggest advantage is that once MRambler approves one of your comments, you don’t need approval for future comments. Of course, there are still a few things to work out: The nifty calendar is gone missing. The header in the screens where you write […]

Slang for Idiots

Fashion designers refer to people dumb enough to wear really ugly clothes as “butt soup.”…….