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Music Trivia 06.30.07

Damn, I miss 1 week and the inmates take over the asylum. BTW to my fellow quiz master Anon Get well soon. I’m going to give you the birth name of these artists, give me their stage name and the name of their respective bands also what position they hold (ie: instrument/vocal) +1 point for […]

Happy Anniversary

Do you realize that this the 25th anniversary of absolutely nothing happening at this present moment.

MR’s De-Educational Quiz – Dog

Since it’s apparent that J.J. didn’t get a musical quiz up this week, and my first quiz has basically run it’s course, I’ll throw this musically based quiz in…… This has nothing to do with J.J.’s quiz’s or Anon’s quiz’s or the points and/or prizes they offer…… This one falls under MR’s domain and “I […]

Hide Me!……

Today, in OKC, we are experiencing our 15th straight day of rain, which breaks all recorded rainfall records and it’s still coming down…… Of course, this doesn’t mean continuous rain, but, precipitation in some amount on every day…… This started on the 13th, which, just so happens to be the exact day I returned from […]

MR’s De-Educational Quiz – Space Race

Since Anon has “brokenfingeritis”, He’s stupidly given me permission to to De-Evolve our Communities intelligence while he recovers….. Ya get Nada points added to his quiz totals, but, I’ll come up with something entirely worth not having for the overall winner who obtains the most +’s or -‘s for the next six weeks or so […]

My haircut for Locks of Love

Well, I’ve finally done it. My hair is mostly gone. I didn’t just “Almost Cut My Hair”, I went ahead and did it. I’ve been growing it out for the last 20 months–all the way to 12″, and I plan on giving it to Locks of Love. They make wigs for children who have lost […]

High (?) in The Olympics……

As requested by Jek, here are a couple of starter shots from my Great North West Adventure….. This is “Hurricane Ridge”…… It’s in The Olympic Mountains and over a mile above sea level….. The cool thing is that you’re not that far from sea level, as in the Pacific Ocean…… Here’s my “Best Shot” from […]

Is THAT Really Me?……

On my recent vacation/inspection of the Great North West, I took lots of pics, and had just as many, or more, taken of me with my camera…… Here’s the deal – The person I see in the photos doesn’t look like the person I see in the mirror!….. I understand the reverse image – left/right […]

Music Trivia 06.17.07

Their hits include, See how the good times roll, Ouch, and Hold my hand. 2Extra points. What is their Nickname? 4 More points Name all the members


I have been thinking lately about all of the people that I know and call friends, you know the list is shrinking not growing as should happen as one gets older. You know they say that friends come and go, I used to not agree with that I thought that friends were forever. I am […]


” Like sweet bells jangled out of tune and harsh.” This could be a hard one. Two points for who wrote it, two points from which work, and three points for what the quote means.

Music Trivia 06.10.07

Playboy Bunny meets Zappa Drummer .


What is a macaroni ?

Music Trivia Update

Thanks to Ttop for providing an auxiliary question to last weeks quiz. I need all the help I can get. I am not above accepting questions from any of you, If you wish to help please send them to my E-Mail ( ) and recuse yourself from competition for that particular quiz. For a […]

Paul McBuckney

Yep, you can only get Paulie’s new album at Starbucks on their label…… Remember that band called “The Beatles” and the infamous “I buried Paul” line, and if you played “Revolution 9” backwards, it says “Turn me on, Dead man”?…. Well, on one of the tracks of his new album, if you play it backwards […]