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MR NW Surprise Inspection

I just returned from the Great White (Or should I say Wet) NW and all was well, looks like most of the previous construction is just about done and except for a few fender benders travel was a breeze. Sorry kids that I did not check in while in the area but I was trying […]

The Plan

In the beginning was The Plan. And then came the assumptions. And the assumptions were without form and void. And The Plan was completely without substance. And darkness was upon the face of the workers. And they spoke amongst themselves, saying. “Hark, it is a crock of shit, and it stinks.” And the workers went […]

A progressive rock primer

We seem to be stuck on wanted dead-or-alive PDB posters, so how about this?:

Whereabouts Unknown…..

…PDB has gone missing!!! He disappeared sometime while I was in the Great NorthWest….. When I returned MR HQ was totally ram-sacked….. I found the following sketch lying in a dark corner…… I’ve been so busy checking all his known hangouts, phoning any and all of his connections I know, and so far no PDB….. […]

It’s Cold Outside…..

There’s no kind of atmosphere – I’m all alone, more or less – Let me fly far away from here – Fun, fun, fun – In the Sun, sun, sun – I want to lie, shipwrecked and comatose – Drinking fresh mango juice – Goldfish shoals nibbling at my toes – Fun, fun, fun – […]


A lifelong Okie, It’s a little late to relocate. I can’t believe the political ineptness of this state & its’ rabid moral majority Coburn named as senator holding up vets bill Thirteen major military and veterans groups have joined forces to try to force one senator — Republican Tom Coburn of Oklahoma — to release […]


Any one seen or heard from our esteemed fearless leader lately? Last words from him were on 10/09. Come to think of it we also havn’t heard from our furry operative since being diverted from SEATAC. You don’t think?…….Nah…..Hmmmm.