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MR Rock Coroner. Leon Russell

We have just learned of the passing of the music legend and fellow Oklahoman Leon Russell at his home in Nashville.

Didn’t he play the banjo or something?

Sadly, we lost B. B. King on Thursday night. Died in his sleep, age 89, taking a huge chunk of musical talent to the other side. Bet there is a epic jam session in heaven about now. Learned a lot of random facts about him from obits, I had no idea he was a certified […]

Dropping like flies…

Percy Sledge left us Tuesday, at 74 due to liver cancer.  Left behind a dozen kids, so he must’ve had a busy life. At this point I think we just need a general obit post, it’s getting hard to keep up. (At last look, Abe Vigoda’s still hanging in there….)  

A neat bit o’ music history…

  Ran across this while looking up some obscure old instruments, thought it was a very informative demonstration of what you can do with very little money. This is Scott Ainslie, a blues musician and historian, demonstrating some cigar box guitars. More info on this guy can be found here: Very impressive talent on […]

Winter has now come and gone…..

Not being a smart ass – but, I was just informed that Johnny Winter just passed away…..  I know no other details, and have to make an appointment that I can’t get out of……  If any of the Community knows anything else to add – DO IT!…..  THE BLUES JUST RAINED LIKE HAIL! (MR)……

Who says electronic music can’t be cool?

Sorry for the deluge of links, but I found this on my web wanderings and thought it was just amazing. What if Nikola Tesla formed a rock band, you ask? Well, a lot of geeks have been fiddling around to give us the answer. Tesla coils usually function above the audible range, but someone discovered […]

When you don’t have a bone to pick….

  Was gonna surprise MR with one of these for a birthday or something, but other musically-inclined folks might find these kinda nifty. (Warning: This site has some great little geeky items, usually a bit useless or overpriced.)   Item 1: the Do-It-Yourself Guitar Pick Maker for $24.99.   Item 2: Recycled Vinyl Record […]

Watch Out… Here It Comes…

Since we still don’t seem to be getting a huge response to the resurgence of the Blog…. Yeah, I know it takes a bit of time (eh?)….. S-o-o-o, in my infinite World of Boredom and Personal Stupidity, I decided to start writing jokes… Watch out!…. Here It Comes…. An old Bluesman died of frustration today…. […]

After Midnight

Today the music world has lost a legend. JJ Cale has passed away at the age of 74 The Tulsa, OK. Native was best known for such songs as Cocaine and After Midnight both hits for Eric Clapton. Neil Young once said that he was the best singer, songwriter, guitar players after Jimi Hendrix. After […]

When I Left Home: My Story…..

I just finished reading Buddy Guy’s autobiography a while back….. If you’re interested the history of the Blues/Rock and Roll, this is a great read…. You’ll find that you will Love/Hate Leonard Chess, owner of Chess Records….. You’ll love him because there would be a large portion of the great Blues performers who would never […]

Making of The Blues Brothers

A friend on Facebook who’s the managing editor for the OK Gazette brought this to my attention: The amateurish, abrupt ending makes me wince, but the rest of the story is a fun read. As BB aficionados, you may know everything discussed in the story, but enjoy anyway! Man, I love Dan Aykroyd.

Blues Appointment…..

Yep, it’s stressful being a Bluesman…..  I’ve scheduled my appointment for Blue Monday…..

MR Coroner BREAKING NEWS 5/13/12

We have been informed of the sudden passing Of the Person who Sir Paul McCartney called “The Best Bass Player ever” Donald “Duck” age 70 In Tokyo, Japan. From Wikipedia: Donald “Duck” Dunn (November 24, 1941 – May 13, 2012)[1][2] was an American bass guitarist, record producer, and songwriter. Dunn was notable for his […]

MR Coroner 10/05/11

We have just learned of the death of Actor Charles Napier at age 75. Many do not know the name but remember his rolls, notably as the tough talking Intel officer in Rambo II but most remember him as Tucker McElroy the “Lead Singer and Driver of the Winnebago” from the Blues Brothers. Check out […]

John Lennon – Born 09OCT1940

Everyone take a few moments out of your life to remember someone who gave something to everyone (if they were intelligent enough to comprehend)…..  That’s my opinion, and, to this day, I still miss him……  Happy Birthday, John – See Ya again someday…..  How ’bout a little “Yer Blues” off the “White Album” from John…..  Give it […]