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Oklahoma Rain Gauge

Solution ?

I have a solution for the Debt crisis, Although I’m sure that most of the people that it will effect the most don’t want to hear it, and will tell me thousands of reasons that it won’t work. Today Sen. Tom Coburn (R)OK put forth his plan for the crisis, it includes cuts to medicare, […]

So It’s too Hot Huh?

Well we could have the alternative. Remember this?

It’s Too Hot To Think!…..

…What was I going to say?…. Oh, yeah, If you live anywhere around MR HQ and want to venture outside, you’d be well advised to do it in the night time…. If you do it in the Day time, you might suffer from Spontaneous Combustion (P-u-u-f-f!)…. It was 110 degrees in the shade yesterday (another […]

It’s Already July?…..

I can’t believe it’s already 4th of July weekend!….. Half the year – GONE – Ph-u-u-t! – Just like that!….. Oh, Well, It may not be much of a 4th around here anyway, as we have a Burn Ban in effect in Oklahoma County due to extreme drought conditions, above 100 degree temps across the […]