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Zappa Plays Zappa – Tour De Frank

I just saw that Dweezil and some Frank band members are playing a tour of Zappa music.  This seems really cool.  For more info, check out the Zappa Plays Zappa site.  You can also read an interview with Dweezil here.  I see that they are coming to Denver, Dallas, and Seattle.  Sorry, didn’t notice any […]

iTunes with A.I.?…..

It appears that way to me….. In my Looney iTunes post, I was, and still am, at a 2251 song library….. I just uploaded the albums and then start the thing each day on random play….. According to the song count, lots of songs have not even been played yet, while others have been hit […]

Allan Holdsworth – Still Going

I saw the Allan Holdsworth & Alan Pasqua Group tonight and I must say they were quite good.  One of the highlights was the drummer, Chad Wackerman.  He was amazing.  His site sez that he played quite a bit with Zappa in the 80’s.  It is very likely that he was with Zappa when I […]

E-QUIZ 29: ….Cow, Humble….

What is a Humble cialis generic Cow? (I’m sure this is not from Texas or Oklahoma)

Football in Oregon…..

Not being a sports-nut to speak of, I didn’t even tune into the OU-Oregon game until after halftime, but I have to agree with friend of mine over the on-sides kick…… The question wasn’t whether an Oregon player had touched the football before it went 10 yards – The question was how does a Ref […]

E-QUIZ 28:………..Vapors

In Latin, what is the name of a vaporous drop supposed to be shed by the moon on certain herbs and other objects when influenced by incantations. “Upon the corner of the moon, There hangs a vaporous drop profound; I’ll catch it ere it come to ground.”

OKC Barks It Up…..

…..Well, at least in the suburbs….. You can now send your dog to Bow-Wow Camp, a summer camp for your pooch located in Moore, OK, which is in South OKC….. The Grand Opening is tomorrow….. They have indoor camp sites with A/C along with outdoor roaming….. Tents with soft doggy sleeping bags and a nightly […]

Looney iTunes….

Since I’ve returned to work, I’ve been bringing a few CD’s a day and uploading them to my computer using iTunes….. I’m now up to 2251 songs, about 6.2 days, to listen to while I happily go about my business….. The Looney’s (or Loobey’s) at iTunes assign a “Genre” for each song and/or album…… Here’s […]

E-QUIZ 27: Hemp in the pocket

This old French phrase, “to have some hemp in the pocket”, means what?

VA The Best!

Wow.  This just in: The VA is the best.  Check out this Time Magazine Article: “How VA Hospitals Became The Best”.  It totally makes sense: The system is self-contained.  The technology need not integrate with outside systems and all patient information is available inside. The VA has patients for life; so it is in their […]

If you’re a specialist……

……maybe you should stick to your speciality?….. Sad news from ABC news about TV’s “Crocodile Hunter”: Steve Irwin was videotaped pulling a poisonous stingray barb from his chest in his last moments of life, officials said Tuesday, as tributes poured in for TV’s “Crocodile Hunter.” Police said there was nothing suspicious about Irwin’s death and […]


For five points, what is “ABRACADABRA”. Only a complete and precise answer will be accepted but if you get close I may give some points anyway. ( I was laying around not working Sunday and forgot. So what? )

Wings for R&R Hall Petition

Everyone needs to go here and sign and forward the link to others. It’s time to nominate and induct Wings into the R&R Hall of Fame.