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You all know what “bar time” is but, what is an “Alibi Clock”. You’ll have to dig for this one. It comes from 1887.

Van The Man

I’m settin here on the group W Bench checkin’ out Van Morrison on Austin City Limits on PBS and I must say Phenomenal!!! Doin some old blues, Country, And Big band stuff. Playin Sax and singin’ St. James Infirmary. Definitely some Great Ear Candy. I can’t remember the last time I saw or heard someone […]

A T-Day Tradition

Happy Thanxgivvin’ all my friends And remember ” You Can Get Anything You Want At Alice’s Restaurant” Did everyone listen and or watch the movie today? Hard to believe that KRXO still sticks to the tradition and plays it. So I’m just sittin here on the group W bench playin’ with the pencils.

Happy T-Day (Still Rainin’, Still Dreamin’)……

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone……. To borrow a phrase from Hendrix, It is still raining, but, there’s a strong Oklahoma wind mixed in with it……. I’m actually getting what I came for – rain and clouds…… Nice change from Oklahoma’s Sun, Sun, Sun….. Again, Happy T-Day…… Enjoy!……..

Taj Mahal Trio…..

…Still alive and well….. Taj does a week or so every Thanksgiving at The Jazz Alley in Seattle….. It’s become, what The Jazz Alley calls a “Thanksgiving Tradition”……. The last time we saw him in 2001 or 03 (not sure which year), he did a solo set , alternating between piano and guitar stuff….. It […]

Flight Details (The Inside Scoop)…….

As I mentioned in my previous post on this great North-by-West Adventure, I was leery of the DFW plane change experience……. I was very surprised and pleased to find that they vastly improved the tram system and it was no hassle getting to my departure gate with plenty of time to spare, but there was […]

ROUND II: E-QUIZ 6……Honey Madness

What is, how do you get Honey Madness?

North to Alaska (Almost)……

Yes, MR is making a Thanksgiving inspection of residents of MR Central located in the Great NorthWest…… eh?….. Flights are booked and plans are made……. From the 18th thru the 27th , all my posts and/or comments will come from the secret MR server located there….. I am hoping to see rain, snow, and clouds, […]

ROUND II: E-QUIZ 5a………….Didn't get it.

I cant believe no one got last week’s quiz. It was too easy. So, I’m running it again this week. “Lion’s Tooth” in French translates into what common plant. Ask someone what “tooth” is in French. That should give it to you.

Instant Runoff Voting

Have you guys heard of Instant Runoff Voting?  It’s a voting mechanism that caters to multi-party systems.  Being a 3rd party voter in the past, it definitely appeals to me.  The basic idea is for a voter to rank the candidates instead of just voting for a single candidate.  Here’s a summary from the Instant […]

More Challenger Stuff

Just Now Stumbled onto this one: If you’re interested here are the other posts by JEK on the new Challenger: original New Dodge Challenger MRC post Dodge Challenger in 2008


A great shout on this day………HOSANNA!

ROUND II: E-QUIZ 5…………Lion's Tooth

What plant corresponds to the French phrase “lion’s tooth”? AND, What is the nickname for Mississippians?

Join The Revolution

Recently Sirius Satellite Radio introduced the Stiletto, The Totally self contained Portable sat. Receiver. Now the next phase in the revolution is the Launch of Sirius Internet Radio. Now you don’t even have to have a receiver to listen to 100% commercial free music and the best entertainment today just log in to your account […]


That Right Friends It’s time to get out there and make a difference on Tuesday, Lets take back our country from special interests and Big business. The old saying that “If you don’t vote you can’t bitch” should be amended to “If you don’t vote you have no one to blame but your self” Remember […]