Jonestown 40 Years later.

Today please remember with me the souls that 40 years ago followed a evil narssistic leader to the Guyanese jungle and those that followed him to their deaths, and the ones who didn’t drink of the poison but were murdered by the evil leadership of the Cult including almost 390 Children. The only US Congressman ever assassinated in the line of duty Rep. Leo J. Ryan (D) CA, NBC reporter Don Harris, NBC cameraman Bob Brown, Photojournalist Greg Robinson. And all those wounded who still deal with the horror of what happened that dark November 18th 1978 on a daily basis. For some the first death on live TV was when Ruby shot Oswald. For me and many others it was on the NBC Nightly News on Monday evening Nov. 20th 1978 when they played the film footage of the Port Kaituma airstrip Massacre. So please say a prayer for all those affected by this senseless tragedy as we remember. And hope we can learn from it. Those who don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Medical marijuana in Oklahoma

Sorry everyone We Know it’s been a while but you know how things go, Life, Jobs, TV ETC.
That being said I just had to post this. Here Goes.
Morning everyone. Before I start, I’m not trying to start any fights here I just would like to know what everyone’s position is and try to understand All sides of the Issue. That Being said: The Way I see It. Medical Marijuana. Why is everyone up in arms about the rules imposed by the State? It seems like there’s only 2 sides. one side it seems to me are the people who just want to get High in the streets without any regards for how their actions effect anyone else, The other is people who are worried about how the business model will be structured so they can make money from the industry. The side that haven’t been all over the press are the people who Medical Marijuana would benefit, the patients who have gained a actual relief of symptoms by consuming the Cannabis plant extracts. Lets look at the question. It’s MEDICAL MARIJUANA, Not recreational. The guidelines put forth are geared toward that. The only thing I might have a problem with is the number of Dispensaries, 50 means there wouldn’t even be one in each county and 27 would not have one. This would be a inconvenience for patients who would have to travel several miles to have their prescriptions filled, Many of whom do not have the means to travel. As for the consumption, I see all these news stories showing all the Different “Strains” with all these Cute Names for each. That would not matter since it’s for Medical purposes, the only difference would be in the strength of the active ingredient that is used for the medicinal Benefit. The Cannabis plant has certain chemical properties that when ingested have medical benefits, these compounds can either be extracted by 1 of 2 different processes. 1. Drying the plants leaves and ingesting the smoke when the dried leaf is burnt, This is the less pure form of the medicinal properties of the plant. 2. by a process where the essential oils from the plant are extracted and processed into a consumable form such as a tablet or oil and then is infused into a orally consumable form i.e. Gummies, Brownies, etc. For the medical benefit smoking it is the quickest form but todays processes can make the processed form a much better and more medically beneficial alternative. So that being said, Where’s the problem with the guidelines for the patients that are wanting and needing the benefits of Medical Cannabis? As for there having to be a Pharmacist in each dispensary, It’s for Medical Needs. Do those who are screaming the loudest have a problem with there being a Pharmacist in every Drug Store? Remember the bill as written and voted on was for MEDICAL Marijuana NOT Recreational! I urge all of you to Look up the actual Bill that many of you voted on and read the wording. Remember we live in a world where there must be rules everything can’t just be free from Guidelines. So let’s start a reasonable and civil discussion about this. Stop, Focus, and Look at the Big Picture.

MR Rock Coroner RIP Blu.

Friends, this is probably one of the hardest death posts I have had to post. This morning our community lost one of our own. Although he never posted on here just about everyone knows Danny Abernathy or as we all knew him as “Blu” He was a mainstay of the OKC Music Scene for most of the early ’70s either with his band Sissortail or as a studio owner he touched many band’s lives. He will be missed by many.

Oklahoma needs a Competent Weather Forecaster….

Huskysooner, you need to move back to Oklahoma and become a big TV Weather Star!!!… The one’s we have now predicted for two weeks that we were going to have a bad ice storm here in the OKC area this past weekend – Yes, it did get close, BUT, after it missed us Friday, they predicted it was going to be even worse in OKC Saturday than what was originally predicted for Friday!!… Guess what, Duh, they missed it again… A little light freezing rain that turned to rain today (Sunday)….

Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want a dangerous Ice Storm, and, I went out and spent over $100 dollars on an indoor propane heater, car charger for my iPhone, LED camp lights, extra propane bottles, and extra batteries – PLUS – putting up with the largest crowd of Bozo’s I’d seen since the Christmas Season at Wally World doing the same thing….

THAT’S what I’m really mad about – Money that I really didn’t have, spent on something that I really didn’t need right now… Argh!!! Bonehead Oklahoma Weather NON-Forecasters… Of course, I’m sure I will need the stuff sometime down the line… It would just have been nice to have had a little heads-up on when to stockpile supplies so you can plan for it and not face total financial ruin!!! (well, Being me, I probably wouldn’t have paid attention to the warning – maybe that’s why I’m mad – I DID pay attention to this one and got boned)…

So-o-o-o, Come Back, Huskysooner – We can really use your skill-set….

MRambler – Netflix Binge Watcher

Yeah, somebody on this Blog – Jek (Not mentioning any names Ha!)… Got me hooked up (For Free-To ME) on his Netflix account, so part of the reason that I’ve been gone so long is that binge-watching takes up a lot of time!!!!.. BUT, maybe, JUST MAYBE, I’m back… We’ll have to see…

Oh, Yeah, Alan Alda – BOY, not only has he aged badly, he’s turned into the “Bad Guy” that you have no choice but to hate “With A Vengeance” – a scum-sucking low-life politician on “The Blacklist”….

Just Updated this Blog-O….

I actually plan to get back to posting again this year!  Ha!….  At least, that’s the plan…  I just updated the OS on this thing-O so have at it!!!!…..  AND….



MR Rock Coroner. Leon Russell

We have just learned of the passing of the music legend and fellow Oklahoman Leon Russell at his home in Nashville.

I said “Shake, Rattle and Roll”

9-3-16 Earthquake

Election 2016 and other hilarity

High everyone, I know, it’s been a while. I personally have been hauling around the country trying to keep ahead of our little terrorist/furbot PDB and clean up after him. What an election cycle huh? Who could have seen this coming? I mean the Donald, I saw Hill Dog from right after the last election. So as they say in Chicago, vote early and often. …..GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE FURRY BAST…!

Oklahoma House Bill SJR 68

All my friends who watch TV in Okla. have undoubtedly sen the ads lately about Anheiser Busch having to leave Ok. if the bill passes. So I did a little research ( As all informed Voters should do) Here’s the short version as I see it.
If it passes the House and Senate it will then go to a vote of the PEOPLE in Nov as ALL Laws should.
This Bill House Bill SJR68 basically means that we could have Cold Beer in Liquor stores, Over 3.2 beer and Wine in Grocery and certain Convenience Stores. What AB is crying Foul over is the fact that it would limit the way that the Brewer can Distribute their product.
That being said, AB purchased the local Distributor here in OKC a few years back (Many of you have seen the new place at 240 and eastern) Mainly because they could, and to eliminate a middleman in their supply chain.
As a Truck driver who hauls into that place quite often I am interested in how this is going to work. The Bill means that they would have to go back to the way it was before and there be a 3rd party distributor in OKC as there is in other parts of the state. The “Jobs that would be lost” would be Lost to AB not to Oklahomans, Most of those employed there would be employed by the Distributor that comes in or is created. The supply Chain that the consumer sees would remain the same. It just means that AB would not have the monopoly on their Beer Distribution in Central OK.
I must add that the Beer industry is one of the most Truck Driver UNFRIENDLY industries in this country. I haul into and out of 2 different AB breweries and Miller Coors in Golden, CO. on a weekly basis and hate having to go there to load they want us to be on time but, don’t care if it takes them 8 hours to load us. So I personally cannot sympathize with AB crying Foul.
So as I have said Look into things for yourself investigate before you vote, don’t just vote one way or another because of TV ads.

Happy New year 2016…..

Yep, it’s 2016 already, and, boy, was I ever ready!!…  2015 was definitely an off-year for me….  Hadn’t been around the Blog very much this past year, BUT, I hope to change that and get back into the usual off-the-wall stuff we are known for (somewhat) (Ha!)….

Anyways, hope everybody has a great new Year’s Day and hope to see everyone start posting again….  You too – Anon Ha!……

Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, To all of our Little Community. Hope you all got everything you wanted. J.J.

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving all you that are left.(Only the Strong Survive) Hope you are all well and surrounded with family and friends, food, football, and all that makes life worthwhile.

Glad to know I’m not alone when I notice nonsensical assertions….

One thing I really hate is when the news ‘reports’ on something that instantly sets off my B.S. meter, and I appear to not only be among the few people that notice something awry, but am actually labelled ‘sexist’, ‘insensitive’, or ‘difficult’ for calling the conclusions into question. Latest example, the perceived ‘wage gap’ between men and women. Fortunately, a guy named Maddox decided to put a lot more effort into answering my concerns than my lazy ass was willing to.


(If you didn’t already know, Maddox is a long-time blogger that runs The Best Page In The Universe as well as his own YouTube channel. I came across it in ’99, and it is highly recommended reading!)


Who says spirituality is boring?

Was referred to this by my good friend and co-worker Rahman, a Sunni muslim from Bangladesh. At first I thought it was going to be something serious or critical of the West, but then I listened to the whole thing and it turned my initial assumptions on their head. I have a cousin in New Mexico that is about MR’s age, and leans towards the alienating type of bible-thumping. She’s certain of the FOX news assertion that Muslims are all part of the vast conspiracy to usurp the Constitution and make Sharia law the rule of America, and one day even our ‘friends’ will mindlessly slaughter the rest of us in our sleep. (Much like the fears that the Vatican was going to somehow take over the reins of America if a certain Catholic was ever elected president in 1960.)  The speaker is an Indian mystic named Chandra Mohan Jain (also known as Rajnessh or Osho), and as with many ‘spiritual leaders’ of any faith, he was not without his controversies. There’s no doubting his charisma and sense of humor though, and as our world seems to have shrunk and cultures collide with greater frequency, I can’t help but think that the world might run a little smoother if we all took a step back from our extremes and prejudices and gave the courtesy to others to hear their views, and we might all find something to share a laugh over. And isn’t that the best medicine?