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It was 40 years ago today…..

Young Neil took a small step to play…… On Earth’s moon so far away….. Back again in 2020, so they say….. I hope I’ll be around that day…… I can say that I got to see the whole thing unfold on a ungainly big box of a TV with a small screen (Television had only […]

105, 105, 105……

Yep, that’s the forecasted temps for the OKC area for the next three days…… We’ve been in the triple digits for the past few days, and, it looks like it will continue out past the three days, and we are one of the, dare I say, cool spots in the state…… The panhandle area is […]

Will Somebody Please……

…… let me know when I can start watching the news again!…… I am so fed-up with all the coverage of “he who shall not be named”……. I did not realize there’s that many people on this planet who have no musical taste whatsoever….. I don’t even want to discuss my dislikes of this personality […]


I saw them in 1965 at the Fairground Travel & Transportation Building. Inspired me to start a rock band. Paul Revere and the Raiders’ Drake Levin (1946-2009) Drake Levin died this morning, just after nine AM, at home in San Francisco. He would have turn 63 in August. He and Phil Volk were part of […]

It’s the 4th!…….

….Independence Day!…… Everybody out there have a fun and safe 4th…… While you’re celebrating our Freedom to celebrate (party ’til you fall down), think about all those Veteran’s and present military personnel who defended this country for that exact reason…… Yeah, yeah, I know we, as a country, seem to be losing some of those […]


12 Musicians That are (Surprisingly) Still Alive. 12. Fats Domino It’s been a long, long time since Fats was capable of walking up Blueberry Hill on his own. Fats is 81 years young, now. You know what his thrill was? Young blonde nurses. Meet Fats’ personal nurse Gina. 11. Della Reese Della must have been […]