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Run, MRambler, Run….

Yep, it’s the Weather again!…. Sorry….. My last post was on the 18th (Jek’s Birthday – Happy Birthday to you, Jek), the day before the deadly Tornadoes on the 19th and 20th…. The ones on the 19th were North and South of me…. I think they were “Bracketing” me in for the 20th!…. That one […]

When I Left Home: My Story…..

I just finished reading Buddy Guy’s autobiography a while back….. If you’re interested the history of the Blues/Rock and Roll, this is a great read…. You’ll find that you will Love/Hate Leonard Chess, owner of Chess Records….. You’ll love him because there would be a large portion of the great Blues performers who would never […]

It’s All Too Much

For all you fans of The Beatles out there in Ramblerland, here are some fascinating infographics from someone with too much time on their hands.

Keith Richards…..

…..doesn’t own an iPod – Never did – Never will….. He says the quality is too low…. Looks like he agrees with Neil Young, who actually has a high quality digital system that he is trying to promote to iTunes and all the other MP3 peddlers…. They don’t care, gets in the way of profits….. […]