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Women With Tattoos……

The hot topic on the talk radio show I listen to on the way to work this morning was about tattoos on women…… The woman host of the group stated that men like women with tattoos….. The men hosts, more or less, said that tattoos on women gave them the impression that the woman was […]

Mr’s De-Evolution Quiz – Presidents

We all bitch about the “Head Man”……. What do we really know about “Presidents”?…… Same-o, same-o – One (1) Point each……. 1. In order, which five persons are in line of succession to the Presidency? 2. Who was the first President defeated for re-election? 3. What was Gerald R. Ford’s real name? 4. What are […]

Music Trivia 09.24.07

As promised this week Styx. 1.They formed in Chicago in 1961 as ? 2.What was their only #1 Hit? 3.Who was Kilroy? 4.What Beatles song did they perform at Eric Clapton’s 1st Crossroads Festival? 5.Which song of theirs did Tipper Gore Blast during her BS Tyrades? 6.The Paradise Theatre is based on a real place […]

If You Want It…..

…..Here It Is….. At your local Chevy dealer….. Another Lennon/McCartney song (actually Paul wrote it for Badfinger) used in a TV commercial….. Thanks again, MJ!….. I wonder if the big execs ever watched the movie “Magic Christian”?…… The Badfinger version of this song is played over a scene where people are diving for money in […]

DID YOU KNOW…..I didn't think so…….Perfume

“Perfume means simply ‘from smoke’ (Latin, per fumum), the first perfumes having been obtained by the combustion of aromatic woods and gums. Their original use was in sacrifices, to counteract the offensive odours of burning flesh.”

Unemployment Update……………

If anyone cares .Well Friends It’s been a few weeks and this experiment has gone horribly wrong. As you all know I quit a Perfectly huh! good job 3 weeks ago to pursue local employment, 1st I went to work for a company that completely misrepresented the job. After 2 days of grueling physical work […]

Music Trivia 09.19.07

Ask and you shall receive MR: DEVO 1.What/Where was their 1st stage appearance? 2.What is the name of their 3rd Home Video release, that contains this performance? 3.Which album ends with the promoter unplugging their equipment? 4.Who Produced their famous album “Q:Are We Not Men? A: We Are DEVO.” 5.What was the name of their […]


Since I’ve been doing a lot of outside work lately, and, here in Oklahoma, with all the recent rains, humidity, and high temperatures, the insect population has exploded, so, I purchased some insect repellent….. Now, it states very plainly the little varmints it is supposed to repel: Mosquitoes, Chiggers, Biting Flies, No-See-Ums, Gnats, and Fleas….. […]

Breaking News: Spector Jury Hung It’s looking like Money and BS have bought another one.

See You In The Next World….

…..And Don’t be Late….. 37 years ago today, The world became a sadder place….. We lost Jimi…… A moment or two of silent remembrance please…… The best there ever was….. It’s impossible to top a complete and total original…..

Are We There Yet?….

….At the lowest, possible bottom of the barrel……. I just witnessed a TV commercial touting cat food….. The music and related graphics were “Hello Goodbye”…… Can we go much lower?….. Thank you, MJ…… You big Jerk…..

MR’s De-Evolution Quiz – History

New name based on a favorite musical group of mine…… Maybe the J-Man will run a quiz on them one of these days…… Let’s try some American History this time – Just to see how far we’ve De-evolved…… Again One (1) Point each….. ALSO, My answers are the right ones, even if they’re wrong…… 1. […]

DID YOU KNOW…..I didn't think so……..St. Patrick and the serpent

According to tradition, St Patrick cleared Ireland of it’s vermon; one old serpent resisted him, but St. Patrick overcame it by cunning. He made a box and invited the serpent to enter it. The serpent objected saying it was too small, but St. Patrick insisted it was quite large enough to be comfortable. After a […]

Simple Physics

A plane is flying west to east the pilot See’s a full circle rainbow. 1.) Where’s the sun in relation to the plane? 2.) Where’s the plane’s shadow in relation to the rainbow? 3.) Where’s the rain in relation to the plane?

Thai Proverb – Quiz – Elbow

Below is the literal English translation of a Thai proverb. What does it mean? Drink water under someone’s elbow