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Music Trivia “Did ya Know3”

MR’s last post got me thinkin’ (I know, Scary Huh) Did you know that the Banjo solos and backing Vocals/Harmony’s on Neil Young’s Harvest Album were performed by James Taylor. That’s right, That’s Sweet Baby James pickin’ banjo on Old Man.

Columbo Quiz…..

No, the quiz isn’t about Columbo, it was in one of the Columbo episodes entitled, “Caution: Murder Can be Hazardous To Your health”…..  In the episode, Columbo asks George Hamilton, who plays Wade Anders, a host on “Crime Alert” – one of those, “If you’ve seen this person and/or know their whereabouts, call and turn […]

Oh, Just One More Thing…..

U-uh, Where was I?…Oh yeah….. If you recognize any of these statements, you’ve seen at least one of the “Columbo” Mystery series that ran off and on from 1971 to 1993….. Columbo is no longer with us – Peter Falk passed away yesterday at the age of 83…… Being a huge “Columbo” fan, I usually […]

Tomorrow Is?…….

Someone in the MR Community is having a Landmark Birthday tomorrow…… I’m not giving it away, but, the person is responsible for this Blog being up and running (That’s a good thing?…Ha!)…… Anyone who guesses who it is earns the right to harass the person for “being over the hill”…… I kind’a feel sorry……. FOR […]

Music Trivia(Bet Ya didn’t Know)2

We all know the cover to the Beatles Abbey Road Album An interesting little bit of useless knowledge has come to my attention. The photo was taken by photographer Iain Macmillan during a photo shoot on Friday 8 August 1969 the famous photo was taken at approximately 1100am GMT (London Time) Not 24 hours later […]

Quiz 2010-1, Phase “C”…..

Phase “C” may be the one to finish out Quiz 2010-1, maybe, we’ll see….. Here are the “Current Standings”:1st place: Robo 84 Points, 2nd Place: Jek 55 Points, 3rd Place: Zook 45 Points, 4th Place: Anon 34 Points, 5th Place: HuskeySooner 22 Points…… Slight Change in the rules – The first one to 100 doesn’t […]

Interim Quiz

Found this trivia question.  Any ideas? Before establishing himself as an icon of Southern California mellow this multi-instrumentalist played with Jerry Butler, Gene Vincent, and Buck Owens to name a few. Who is he and what two groups was he a member of?

Quiz-O-Matic Phase “C” Alert….

Phase “C” of 2010-1 Quiz will be up this Friday – 07MAY10 – 6:00 pm CDT (4:00 pm  PDT)……Phase “A” and Phase “B” were overwhelming successes and,  Phase “C” will, hopefully, continue to be as much fun….. Here are the “Current Standings”:1st place: Robo 84 Points, 2nd Place: Jek 55 Points, 3rd Place: Zook 45 Points, 4th Place: Anon 34 Points, […]

Guizer – What you mean, fool?

Hey MR, you’ve been using the word guizer and variations thereof in your quiz posts. I decided to look it up. It doesn’t seem to be an official English word. However, there is a book from 1975 whose title implies it has something to do with fools. Just what are you saying about us!? The […]

Quiz 2010-1, Phase B…..

Well, Quiz-O’s, it’s time to see how you do with “Phase B”….. We’ll continue with the listing thing for the remainder of Quiz 2010-1…. First one to 100 Points wins……REMEMBER, No Internet and NO electronic retrieval devices that have a search engine (i.e. I-Phones, I-Pods, Aye-Aye’s, P-Pods, Library computer search engines, etc) – Just good […]

Quiz-O-Matic Alert……

It’s Coming!….. Phase “B” of 2010-1 Quiz will be up this Friday – 23APR10 – 2:00 pm CDT (Noon PDT)……Phase “A” was an overwhelming success (I Think), hopefully, Phase “B” will be as much fun….. Here are the “Current Standings”: 1st place: Robo 38 Points, 2nd Place: Zook 32 Points, 3rd Place: Jek 26 Points, […]

Quiz 2010-1, Phase A…..

Are you ready?……  This Quiz (2010-1) will continue through as many Phases (A-B-C, etc.) as needed until some Community member acquires 100 points…..  A new Phase will be Posted every other Friday (next Phase 23APR10)……  REMEMBER! – No Internet until the Quiz-master gives the go ahead!…..  PD Bob is watching, and, is he ever pissed because […]