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MR’s De-Evolution Quiz – Holidays

Been a while for one of these…… One for one on the points….. Since we are approching the Holiday season, how about a few questions on Holidays?……. 1. What does “auld lang syne” mean?…. 2. What Holiday is associated with the Lord of Misrule?…. 3. How many gifts would you have if you recieved all […]

Songwriting III-Lyric Edit…..

Time to edit this “Twisted Fingers” mess…. We’ll start the editing in the comment section so that this Post doesn’t take a lot of room from the main page of the Blog…… Reference back to the other Songwriting Posts (I and II) to see how we got to this point….. If you haven’t been involved […]

Songwriting II……

Sorry for the delay….. Reference back to the original “Songwriting” Post for how this came about (I will put a link here as soon as I remember how!)….. I like Jek’s idea of “tightening-up” the lyrics….. I had thought of it, and was planning to do it in the editing phase…. The first two verses […]

Music Trivia 10.21.07

Yesterday (Saturday Oct 20) Marked the 30th Anniversary of the plane crash that took the life of Ronnie VanZandt, Steve Gaines, Cassie Gaines, and 3 others ending the original line up known as Lynyrd Skynyrd. This weeks quiz is dedicated to those lost that night, as well as Allan Collins and Leon Wilkeson. 1. They […]

Music Trivia points 3rd1/4

Congratulations to Husky Sooner this quarters 2nd place winner and winner of your choice of a $25.00 Chilis, Wal-Mart, or Bass Pro Shops Gift card. Please E-Mail me your Mailing address for prompt delivery

Van Halen “Jump”s in pitch

Oh boy. Zook turned me onto this recording. It seems that at a recent Van Halen performance in North Carolina they had mistakenly played the keyboards back at a different sampling rate than recorded, which put the keyboards track higher in pitch. Below is a link to a post and the video. BEWARE the recording […]

DID YOU KNOW…….I didn't think so…….Perpendiculars

“Perpendiculars”: Parties called crushes in which persons cialis perscription online best anti aging skin care have to stand almost stationary from the time of entering the suite of rooms until the time of leaving.

MONEY, That’s what I want…..

Over the week-end in Fort Worth, I literally saw Millions and Millions of Dollars!…… I really never thought about where our paper money was printed….. I always thought it was printed at the mints along with our coins…… Nope, there are only two places where they print our currency – Washington D.C. and Fort Worth, […]

Song Writing…..

Do we have any composers out there in MR country?…… We may have tried this once before…. I can’t remember….. We’ve been at this blog thing for a long time…… I was thinking (I know – Bad Idea)….. We could poll the community to decide what genre of song first – Rock, Country Rock, Country, […]

Music Trivia 10.07.07

So starts the last quarter of this year. Have at it kids. 1.This country artist won several Nascar races after having several #1 hits. 2.On the Bass, This is the beginning of what classic song? D,D,B,A,F#,D,D 3.This publication was the premier music publication in england What was it’s name. Extra Credit Who was it’s publisher/founder […]

DID YOU KNOW…….I didn't think so……….Musical Philosophy, The Piccinists.

Piccinists (1774-1780) A French musico-political faction who contended that pure Italian music is higher art than the mixed German school. In other words, that music is the Alpha cialis from canada and Omega of opera and the dramatic part is of very minor importance.

MR’s De-Evolution Quiz – Smarts

Here’s the new Quiz….. Let the “Smarts” begin….. 1. Is Chop Suey an authentic Chinese Dish, and, why or why not?…… 2. What is the World’s deadliest mushroom?…… 3. Why are Manholes round? 4. On the $1 Bill, what do the word “Annuit Coeptis” mean?….. 5. Who invented the “Peace” symbol, and, what does it […]

You Say It’s My Birthday……

Well, it is….. MR’s another year wiser, if that means anything….. I’ll have to live to be at least a hundred and fifty to actually be wise, so I’ll remain my usual smart-ass self until then….. I expect glowing HB wishes to be attached to this Post, and, presents would not be refused….. Maybe a […]

MR’s De-Evo Points Up-Date…….

Still using the cutting edge formula of One (1) Point = One (1) Point……. The current Points Standings are as follows: J.J.: Twenty-Five (25) Points Izard: Twenty (20) Points Jek: Eighteen (18) Points RtG: Thirteen (13) Points HS: Eleven (11) Points Anon: Eleven (11) Points Sunn: Eleven (11) Points Zook: Four (4) Points Robo: Two […]

Music Trivia 09.30.07

OK here it is The Last Quiz of the Quarter The Greatest Rock and Roll Band In The World THE ROLLING STONES 1.This song from “Exile On Main Street” was inspired by radical Angela Davis. 2.This song was actually written by Marianne Faithful. 3.Keith woke one morning in ’64 with this riff in his head, […]