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Medical marijuana in Oklahoma

Sorry everyone We Know it’s been a while but you know how things go, Life, Jobs, TV ETC. That being said I just had to post this. Here Goes. Morning everyone. Before I start, I’m not trying to start any fights here I just would like to know what everyone’s position is and try to […]

I said “Shake, Rattle and Roll”

Oklahoma House Bill SJR 68

All my friends who watch TV in Okla. have undoubtedly sen the ads lately about Anheiser Busch having to leave Ok. if the bill passes. So I did a little research ( As all informed Voters should do) Here’s the short version as I see it. If it passes the House and Senate it will […]

Is it kind of like Hooters?

Saw this at the loading dock at work and got a chuckle out of it… I assume they are not the brightest people to do business with, but the sales staff is kinda cute….

How Stupid Can You Get?…..

Around 2002, our brilliant Oklahoma lawmakers decided we needed a Dome on our State Capitol…..  Never mind that we were one of only two states that did not have a visible dome on their capitol building…..  Don’t remember which was the other state… Oh, well, we had a dome, which you could see from the […]

Well, It’s Here……

Yep, We were having snow last week, now that it’s April, we’re looking at mid 80’s today, along with severe weather…..  It started last night, but, the big stuff is supposed to be here late this evening into the night……  Our severe weather is like a Vampire – Loves to strike in the dark of […]

It’s Coming!…..

It’ll be here at 11:57 am CDT!!!…..  You may ask, “What the Hell is he talking about?”……  And, I think I’ll give you the answer……  Here in Oklahoma, 11:57 am CDT today is the Official start of our Spring/Storm Season……  We had a “Rocky” Winter, although, not as bad as those poor souls North and […]

It’s COLD!!……

Not only is it snowing here right now, it’s 19 degrees and we’re not supposed to get above freezing, day or night, until next Wednesday!…..  It looks like we’ll break a new low record tonight that was set back in 1950, which was 5 degrees…..  The low tonight is predicted to be 2 (YES, TWO […]

Back in OklaLooby…..

Yep, I’m back, trying to recover from packing in about a month and half’s worth of good times in 8 days (The 2 travel days don’t count, especially the 13 HOURS it took to get to Seattle due to flight delays)……  Getting settled back in slowly while trying to make some progress on a “To […]

It’s Pre-Turkey Day…You Turkeys…..

Happy Thanksgiving to the MR Community, one and all……  Writing this today, just in case tomorrow I will be too busy (eating, Eating, EATING), to think about such things as sending out a T-Day wish……  Have a safe and fun one…….

Australian President – #1 Asshole…..

I try to stay away from Politics as much as possible, but, this one just got to me in the wrong way….. Yes, it was a very sad event….. The taking of a life for no other reason than being bored, but for the President of Australia to blame the incident on our “Lack of […]

Run, MRambler, Run….

Yep, it’s the Weather again!…. Sorry….. My last post was on the 18th (Jek’s Birthday – Happy Birthday to you, Jek), the day before the deadly Tornadoes on the 19th and 20th…. The ones on the 19th were North and South of me…. I think they were “Bracketing” me in for the 20th!…. That one […]

“Large Hail – Damaging Winds….”

… I am sick of hearing this phrase, to say the least….. It all started on March 30, with the picture above…. Since then, every week, during the middle part of the week, we have had the same thing – “Large Hail – Damaging Winds….”…. Argh!!!.. Last night was the worst, but almost the same […]

If It’s Not One Thing…..

It’s Another…..  We finally got all the big fires out in Oklahoma….  We sent them to the West, including Washington state….  Sorry ‘Bout that!…..  I would say you Northwesters’ should move to Oklahoma where all the ground is already burnt, but, we have a much deadlier enemy now – West Nile Virus.….  The worst outbreak […]

Oklahoma’s Burning!…..

Not only do we have to deal with Tornadoes, Wind Storms, Hail Storms, Ice Storms, and Blizzards, in the past two years we have added Fire Storms!…..  We haven’t been under 100 degrees since July 17th…..  This past week we had two days at 111, Two days at 112, and set the all time hottest […]