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If It’s Not One Thing…..

It’s Another…..  We finally got all the big fires out in Oklahoma….  We sent them to the West, including Washington state….  Sorry ‘Bout that!…..  I would say you Northwesters’ should move to Oklahoma where all the ground is already burnt, but, we have a much deadlier enemy now – West Nile Virus.….  The worst outbreak […]

Oklahoma’s Burning!…..

Not only do we have to deal with Tornadoes, Wind Storms, Hail Storms, Ice Storms, and Blizzards, in the past two years we have added Fire Storms!…..  We haven’t been under 100 degrees since July 17th…..  This past week we had two days at 111, Two days at 112, and set the all time hottest […]

Guitar Center

In 2006 Bain buying lasix on line Capital acquired Guitar Center.