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Music Trivia 3.25.07

In 1966 this artist recorded his #1 and only hit. He recorded an album including a song called Saigon. He was involved in 2 shootings in the ‘70s and rumored to have been involved with the contras in 1988.


“Grog Blossoms” would describe what medical condition?

Music Trivia ?

Because of the overwhelimg success of anon’s Edu Quizes ( not trying to step on your domain as a quiz master), Also since we are a group of music enthusists. Coming soon A music trivia series, Hosted by Yours truly. I am breaking out the Big book of Music and finalizing prizes as we speak. […]

President Gore?……

God, I hope not!….. Anyone seen this award winning documentary on the environment by our former second-in-command?….. Seems a lot of Senators think it’s way off the mark and that Al Boy is just using the whole thing as a scam to boost his political status….. I’d like to hear some opinions….. I personally never […]

The Doors in Seattle……

In my box set by The Doors, there are some live recordings….. A song called “Someday Soon” was recorded live at the Seattle Center in 1970…. I was just wondering if anyone (Anon) knew what kind of musical venue they had around the “Needle” in 1970…… I wonder if it was indoors or outdoors or […]

EDUCATIONAL QUIZZ……………………Government

Who outed Valerie Plame? (hint…it wasn’t jek even though he dated her and knew she was undercover)


OK, MRamblers, let it fly. I would like to know what you really think.


Untying this knot prophesied the rule of the East. What was the knot and why was it so special? Who untied it? How? And what is the parable. Extra points for this one.


The Magic Of Making Up – Get Your Ex Back More: The Magic Of Making Up – Get Your Ex Back

S-Bay, E-Bay, L-Bay, L-Bay….

“SELL” is the Keyword….. I have lots of collectibles (or trash) that I have accumulated over the years and I’m tired of having them boxed-up and stored in a building…. Most of which I haven’t seen in ages, but I do know I have them and that they are in some box, in a building […]