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Iran yellow badge faker now a expert

In a recent thread we talked about the Iranian “yellow badge” story that ended up being a fake. The man who disseminated this fakery has now been invited to the White House as an “expert” on Iraq. These are most certainly the most corrupt, dishonest and incompetent people ever to run this county. Let us […]

E-QUIZ 9: Men in High Heels

Seems that men were the first to wear high heels, although I don’t think they were four inch stilettos. Who and why did these men wear high heels? Five extra points for the color of the shoes.

Keep On Truckin’…….

“Well, I pulled outta Pittsburgh, Rollin’ down the Eastern seaboard, I got my diesel wound-up and she’s rollin’ like never before”….. (a little quote from “Six Days on the Road”)….. J.J. claimed he had some truck drivin’ stories, and I’m sure all of us have a story or two concerning encounters of the eighteen wheel […]

Memorial Day 2006

Heres wishing all of you a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. If you are finding you and your families on the highways and byways this weekend be safe and remember that looby in front of you has a family also and most states enforce the death penalty for vehicular homicide. HaHaHa. (20,000 comedians out […]

You Call This Government?……

How could a government agency allow a person to “take-home” the personal records of 26.5 million veterans on a personal computer?…… One of which was probably mine, knowing my luck……. I guess they were going to do an “all-nighter” if they were going to process 26.5 million records in one night!….. But then, the personal […]

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam…….

Since the Blog went up over a year ago, we have been getting a small amount of spam comments from anonymous sources…… A few of these got onto the Blog at first so we had to go to a moderation system, whereas, if the poster was not logged-on, the comment would be held in moderation […]

E-QUIZ 8: Belladonna

Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade) in Italian means “beautiful lady”. How did it come by this name? The answer to last weeks question “WHAT FAMOUS PHILOSOPHER SAID THAT WORMS ARE THE BOWELS OF THE EARTH”…………..ARISTOTLE.

The Da Vinci Code……

I’m re-reading the book before I see the movie…… I found that the thing that interests me most about the book isn’t the plot, but all of the historical trivia spread throughout the book….. It’s packed with Anon-isms like the origin of Friday the 13th, the wind rose which is the symbol on maps that […]

How Apple Beat The Beatles

A detailed summary of how Apple won can be found here.

Godwin’s law revisited

In our previous immigration discussion, Godwin’s Law was invoked. Was I merely being hysterical with my Nazi analogy? Here’s an interesting look at what some prominent right-wing websites are saying about expelling immigrants: Not only will it work, but one can easily estimate how long it would take. If it took the Germans less than […]

E-QUIZ 7: Worms

This weeks Educational Quiz asks the question “WHAT FAMOUS PHILOSOPHER SAID THAT WORMS ARE THE BOWELS OF THE EARTH”. buy cheap deal viagra Worms are a subject dear to me as I once had a worm ranch……which I lost in a card game.

Automotive Future…..

Does anyone think that the automotive manufacturers are going to offer any viable alternatives to the dinosaur-powered models on the market now?….. I don’t see anything that would make any major impact coming out in the near future….. I’m still seeing ads for big V-8’s and large SUV’s from all the manufacturers….. Granted, I’m a […]

Like the FBI….and the CIA…Dig it

I don’t believe I have ever witnessed a regime that will influence the (mis) direction of our country as much as this one. GW has appointed not one, but two supreme court justices, which greatly influences our civil rights, moral fiber and laws. He appointed the successor to Greenspan, which greatly impacts the financial direction […]

Apple Records-Apple Computer

Do you agree or disagree with the court’s decision? LONDON (AP) – Apple Computer Inc. is entitled to use the apple logo on its iTunes Music Store, a judge ruled Monday, rejecting a suit filed by Apple Corps Ltd., the guardian of The Beatles’ commercial interests. Apple Corps, which claimed that the computer company had […]

E-QUIZ 6: Groanin' Malt

And this weeks question of dubious educational value for beer drinkers is…..WHAT IS GROANIN’ MALT? Remember, NO GOOGLE!