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Change for the sake of change….WHY?

I had to replace the light fixture on our ceiling fan last night. So we go to the local Big Home improvement store (Name Withheld) first after getting insulted by the condescending little guy with the apron. He proceeds to tell me that “I cannot buy a new fixture with a normal light bulb”. I […]

The Inside Stories…..

…… According to the Rock stars who wrote them…..  A number of “My Generation” musicians are bringing out their autobiographies and/or memoirs….  Dylan’s been out for a while, but, Keith Richards, Pete Townsend, Neil Young, and Rod Stewart have jumped on the band wagon…..  I’ve already read Keith’s “Life” and most of Neil’s, “Waging Heavy […]

Another One….

…Of those weird dates…..  Today is 10/11/12…..  OK, Big Deal – e-e-eh?…..  Apparently there are those out there who think so…..  According to the news, we have couples getting married because of the date today (I guess they think it will be easier to remember anniversaries), and women inducing birth so their kid will be […]

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to you. You know who you are and if you are going to have a happy birthday or not. So it’s all up to you don’t mess it up.

Happy Birthday John

Here’s wishing a happy birthday to John Winston (Ono) Lennon. Born in the middle of a air raid 9 Oct. 1940 Ironic that a man who came into the world amid such violence, left us in a violent way. To borrow a line from Paul. ” and if I said I really knew well, what […]