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Who’s Next

Richard Wright: Wish You Were Here Posted Mon Sep 15, 2008 12:40pm PDT by Billy Altman in Stop The Presses! The news that founding Pink Floyd member Richard Wright has passed away from cancer at age 65 will no doubt bring a barrage of stories detailing the assorted onstage/offstage twists and turns of the group’s […]

Flip a Coin……

Well, Oklahoma City stole Seattle’s basketball team, and, now the State of Oklahoma is sending in ground troops in the form of OU football players and fanatic fans for an assault on the University of Washington’s stadium….. I heard they had orders to bring the stadium back with them!…… Rumors?…. Maybe….. With my Seattle connections, […]

This is the guilty pleasure thread

I have plenty of others, like The Jim Rome Show, but I mean musically. What may be “guilty” or embarrassing to one may not be to another. You don’t have to list them all at once, but I’ll get the ball rolling…. The Very Best of Hall and Oates has been getting a lot of […]

DID YOU KNOW……I didn't think so. Wind Egg

Wind Egg. “An egg without a shell. Dr. Johnson’s notion that the wind egg does not contain the principle of life is no more correct than the superstition that the hen that lays it was impregnated, like ‘Thracian mares,’ by the wind. The usual cause of such eggs is that the hen is too fat.” […]

Railcar Graffiti

I was going over to a friend’s house to other day to work on some of the new music we’ve been working on lately and was stopped at a railroad crossing…… While watching the many RR cars going by (we have L-o-n-g trains here), one went by with the following painted on it – “An […]

Howdy Everyone

Hey everybody, Hope all of all of you are doing well. I just thought I would check in and see what all in the community are up to. We have been busy down here in the Dust Bowl. I am changing companies next week, hope to be home more. MR and I have been busy […]