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Muscle Shoals Studios…..

Anon sent this to me to Post on the Blog…..  He gets confused sometimes and/or doesn’t want to learn how to add links to a Post (Ha!).…..  This link on Muscle Shoals (click here) is on the PBS website and is pretty cool……  Here’s some  of the music from there:  “I’ll Take You There,” “Brown […]


No laughing matter in the Sooner state

How Stupid Can You Get?…..

Around 2002, our brilliant Oklahoma lawmakers decided we needed a Dome on our State Capitol…..  Never mind that we were one of only two states that did not have a visible dome on their capitol building…..  Don’t remember which was the other state… Oh, well, we had a dome, which you could see from the […]

Things You Could Die From……In 1600-1700 London

The list includes: Bleach and of Blast Cramp and of Itch Sciatica of Lethargy Cut of Stone Kings Evil Planet-struck Rising of the Lights Overjoy Devoured by lice Stopping of the Stomach Chin Cough Horseshoe Head Lunatick Found dead in the streets. This not a complete list. If you have any of these symptoms, consult […]

Well, It’s Here……

Yep, We were having snow last week, now that it’s April, we’re looking at mid 80’s today, along with severe weather…..  It started last night, but, the big stuff is supposed to be here late this evening into the night……  Our severe weather is like a Vampire – Loves to strike in the dark of […]

Hey Fools!……

IT’S YOUR DAY!!!!…  Oh, I think that’s suppose to be “April Fool’s Day”……  I don’t think it’s really considered a holiday, but, there are a bunch of “Foolers” and “Foolees” that will take it as that…..  Have a good “Fools” day, but, try to be nice, if you can’t, then, at least, be considerate……