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Glad to know I’m not alone when I notice nonsensical assertions….

One thing I really hate is when the news ‘reports’ on something that instantly sets off my B.S. meter, and I appear to not only be among the few people that notice something awry, but am actually labelled ‘sexist’, ‘insensitive’, or ‘difficult’ for calling the conclusions into question. Latest example, the perceived ‘wage gap’ between […]

Who says spirituality is boring?

Was referred to this by my good friend and co-worker Rahman, a Sunni muslim from Bangladesh. At first I thought it was going to be something serious or critical of the West, but then I listened to the whole thing and it turned my initial assumptions on their head. I have a cousin in New […]

Validation for comedy, or degradation of science?

Saw this the other day, and it made me feel a little guilty that someone confined to a chair appears to get more done than I do. Great validation for classic humor, and a fusion of true geniuses in totally unrelated fields.  


Stumbled across this and have no idea what establishment it’s at, but well done, sirs! And on a related note, after years of speculation, the truth comes out….  

It’s a shame that time ravages our heroes….

For those of you that missed it last year, this rematch was a tad less exciting than the original:   Still had me rolling. =)  

Don’t they do this already?

I’d threaten JJ with the claim that this was an actual product, but I’m sure he sees similar (if not worse) on a daily basis….

Is it kind of like Hooters?

Saw this at the loading dock at work and got a chuckle out of it… I assume they are not the brightest people to do business with, but the sales staff is kinda cute….

Introducing the best and latest in home security…

  Yeah, either of these seem like a wise precaution….. well, until the monthly Pest Control guy drops in.  

St. Paddy’s Day……

Yep, anyone know any St. Paddy jokes?….  Here’s one I heard on the TV a few minutes ago…..  Mrs. Paddy was busy milking the cow…..  A fly kept bugging her, flying around her head and ears – just being annoying, which is a fly’s job, right?…..  She finally got the fly to leave her alone […]


Here’s 4 more in the 4th installment of SNIGLETS…..  Enjoy….. AEROMA  (ayr oh’ ma)  n.  The odor emanating from an exercise room after an aerobics workout….. ALPONIUM  (al po’ nee um)  n.  (chemical symbol: Ap)  Initial blast of odor upon opening a can of dog food…… MOTSPUR  (mot’ sper)  n.  The pesky fourth wheel on […]


Here’s Installment No. 3 of SNIGLETS…..  Enjoy!….. AEROPALMICS  (ayr o palm’ iks)  n.  The study of wind resistance conducted by holding a cupped hand out the car window…. PHONESIA  (fo nee’ zhuh)  n.  The affliction of dialing a phone number and forgetting whom you were calling just as they answer….  (MR Note:  I’ve done that!) […]


Here’s the 2nd installment of SNIGLETS…..  Enjoy!…… ACCORDIONATED  (ah kor’  de on ay tid)  adj.  Being able to drive and refold a road map at the same time….. CLUMFERT  (klum’ furt)  n.  The invisible extra step at the top and bottom of a staircase.  Usually materializes when one is carrying a large bag of groceries…… […]


A  SNIGLET (snig’ lit) is any word that doesn’t appear in the dictionary, but should……  I was going through my tons of stuff and found the book “Sniglets” written by Rich Hall, who used to be on the HBO series, “NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS”…..  I thought, since no one else is Posting (Hint, Hint, Nudge, Nudge), […]

English Smeglish….

Let’s just call this a “filler” Post…..  I’m busy getting ready to head to the Great Northwest and I’m trying to keep my promise to Post more……  REMEMBER, Uncle MR wants you to Post too! (homage to the old WWII recruitment poster, “Uncle Sam Wants You!”)……  I was typing up a recent Post at my […]

Watch Out… Here It Comes…

Since we still don’t seem to be getting a huge response to the resurgence of the Blog…. Yeah, I know it takes a bit of time (eh?)….. S-o-o-o, in my infinite World of Boredom and Personal Stupidity, I decided to start writing jokes… Watch out!…. Here It Comes…. An old Bluesman died of frustration today…. […]