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It’s Time…..

… start that New Year’s Revolution list…..  As I said before, it will be a Revolution, not a Resolution, to my usual daily routine if I really follow through on any of the items I have in mind for the coming Year…..  I have little problem with the first part – The 1st half is […]

Blog Updated……

Just updated the Blog…..  There are some changes, including how you upload media files…..  There is just a single icon labeled Upload/Insert on the Add New Post area…..  This covers all media – video, .jpgs, and audio….  Also you can drag and drop .jpgs directly into your Post…..  If you have any questions – Don’t […]

Merry Christmas…..

I sincerely hope everyone is having a great Christmas Day…..  Enjoy……

A Weird New Years…..

To celebrate New Years, Oklahoma City has what it calls, “Opening Night” on New Year’s Eve…..  This event takes place in the section of OKC called, “Bricktown”…..  There’s music, food, entertainment, and fireworks…..  This year they’ve got two headliner music acts – The Flaming Lips, which is an Oklahoma group that made it fairly big, […]

Happy Holidays……..

… Everybody in the MR Central Community and everybody everywhere!……  I can’t believe another year has gone bye-bye……  Where does the time go?……  I’ve already started on my New Year’s Resolutions……  I have to admit some of them are left over from years past…..  I hoping that I do better in the coming year and, […]

MR Coroner (Late) 12/7/11

Our office was informed of the death Of actor Harry Morgan on Dec. 7 2011 Many of you will remember Harry Morgan as the Lovable but Tough, Homespun Col. Sherman T. Potter from the TV series M*A*S*H from 1975 until it’s end in 1983. Previously he starred with Jack Webb in Dragnet as Sgt Bill […]

Travelogue 12/05

Greetings all from sunny Ripon, CA. Beats the heck out of the snow and ice of the last 2 days in NM. and AZ. Hope all had a good turkey/ham day. Me, Mrs. JJ, MR and his sis in law let the restaraunt do the cookin’ & cleanin’. The hot topic of dicussion on the […]