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MR’s De-Evolution Quiz – P & C….

Just for a twist, Let’s do Presidents and Criminals….. Not to say they are in any way connected….. Points are one for one, unless noted….. Time to go to the polls or cells, whichever is appropriate…… Oh, yeah, NO SEARCH ENGINES – Try to use brains, bloomin’ books, and WAG’s….. 1. How many articles of […]

MR’s Quiz Alert/Points Update…..

Next De-Evo Quiz will be Posted at 1700 hrs CST- 31JAN08 – That’s Thursday…… With all the election hub-bub, I think we’ll cover Presidents this time…. POINTS UPDATE Izard – Six (6) Points HuskySooner – Five (5) Points Zook – Four (4) Points Anon – Three and a Half (3 1/2) Points TTop – Three […]

Electric Guitar Home?…..

As I was driving home a couple of days ago, I saw this new huge billboard with the following: The first line was in huge capitol letters taking up most of the top half of the bill board – OKLAHOMA – In much smaller letters the following was proclaimed: “The electric guitar was invented in […]

DID YOU KNOW……..I didn't think so………under "P"

“Precocious”; means ripened by the sun before it has attained full growth. “Preposterous”; means “the cart before the horse. “Profile”; means shown by a thread. “Prose”; means straightforward speaking or writing, in opposition to foot-bound speaking or writing. viagra cheapest price (what the hell is “foot-bound”?) “Prussia”; means “near Russia”. “Puff”; exaggerated praise. “Pukwana”; (North […]

MR’s De-Evolution Quiz – HistoGeography…..

Running a few minutes late on getting this Posted due to an emergency water line repair I had to make at my Sister-in-Laws, but, all is now in the dry…… So-o-o, Same-o, Same-o….. Points are “Relative”, but, usually one for one (More or Less, + or -, depending on MR’s mood at the time)….. A […]

MR’s Quiz Alert…..

Be Aware!…. New Quizzo will be up tomorrow – Friday, 18JAN08 – 1700 hrs CST….. Of course, there is always the chance I may get lazy, so, the back-up date will be Saturday, 19JAN08 – 1700 hrs CST….. Then again, I could get so lazy that I don’t get it Posted until next week some […]

Superman’s Got Nothin’…..

….. On Wally Wallington. Wally Wallington can move anything, and, I mean anything…… It’s amazing….. Anon sent me this link on Wally actually building a Stonehenge replica by himself! We’re talkin’ about moving and setting stones weighing tons without anything other than wood blocks, small stones, etc…. No Earthmoving equipment, backhoes, ditch diggers – none […]

MR’s De-Evolution Quiz – S and S

Here’s the first quiz of the New Year….. One for One on the points (unless noted)….. 1. How did 7UP get it’s name? 2. Why do people cross their fingers for good luck? 3. What was the original Catch-22? 4. Who was the first woman to be commemorated on a U.S. postage stamp. 5. Chicago […]

MR’s De-Evolution Quiz – New Rules….

Yep, we’re going to DeVo 2008 and the first quiz of the year will be right here soon (see below)!….. NEW RULES– There will be points awarded – The prizes will be knowing that you De-Evolved your fellow MR Community members – My reference source will be the CORRECT answer – Post time for quiz’s […]

DID YOU KNOW……I didn't think so…….PLAGIARIST

“Plagiarist” means strictly one who kidnaps a slave. Martial applies the word to the kidnappers of other men’s brains. Literary You fail to and regain the sexual satisfaction you want. theft unacknowledged is called “plagiarism”.

Welcome to 2008!…..

How did it get to be 2008 this quick?…… I guess it’s here and we can’t change that, so, we’ll just have to deal with it…… I haven’t made up my mind yet as to whether 2008 is going to be better or worse than 2007….. I’m leaning toward a better year for all, although, […]