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Malaysia Airlines 370, Please Phone Home!

OK Here’s my opinion on the whole Missing Plane thing. ( I know no one asked for it but here it is anyway) 1st. I do not think the Malaysian Officials are Hiding anything, I feel that they are In so far over their heads that they don’t know how to conduct this investigation and […]

Anyone Else Do This?

One of the few perks of getting old. Lol

All This…..

…..was caused by a friend sending me a pic of a so-called Billboard, which, since I am ex-Army decided to Forward it to my friends as requested…. I don’t usual forward anything…..  Of course, I had to add my two cents worth when I forwarded it……  YES, I got replies!…..  Thought I would share the whole […]

The One Thing……

……We don’t have in Oklahoma, Thank God, is Mudslides……  Sorry to hear about the huge one just North of Seattle……  I think I would rather be sucked up in a Tornado than squashed and suffocated by tons of gooey Earth……  Our hearts go out to the community in Washington, and, I’m not making fun of […]

Suggestion For New MR member

I have come up with a cool (I believe) handle for our newest member of the community. WD 4.0 haha

It’s Coming!…..

It’ll be here at 11:57 am CDT!!!…..  You may ask, “What the Hell is he talking about?”……  And, I think I’ll give you the answer……  Here in Oklahoma, 11:57 am CDT today is the Official start of our Spring/Storm Season……  We had a “Rocky” Winter, although, not as bad as those poor souls North and […]

St. Paddy’s Day……

Yep, anyone know any St. Paddy jokes?….  Here’s one I heard on the TV a few minutes ago…..  Mrs. Paddy was busy milking the cow…..  A fly kept bugging her, flying around her head and ears – just being annoying, which is a fly’s job, right?…..  She finally got the fly to leave her alone […]

Another New Member!…..

Can you believe it!…..  Seems there’s more of us Non-Looby’s (ask Anon) out there that want to stand up and be counted……  I, MRambler, hereby officially welcome “Shadowgraph” to our ranks of the Super-intelligent, Know-it-all, Been There – Done That Community who “Say what we mean and Mean what we say”…..  Don’t expect any slack, […]

One More Request…..

Anon’s been giving me some flack over wanting to here some more of our new stuff…..  So-o-o, here’s the compromise that I came up with……  I wanted to put up “Rainy Day Women #12&35” that Weldon had done such a spectacular job of Editing/Mastering, but, the problem was that the AIFF Audio File was 102.6 […]

“Waging Heavy Peace”…..

This is the title of Neil Young’s autobiography…..  It came out a while ago…  I highly recommend every musician to read it…..  He discusses, in detail, his ideas on improving the quality of the music we hear by 90% or more as compared to what you hear on a CD or MP3…..  That, and his […]

By Request (Somewhat)…..

HuskySooner requested to hear some of the new music that I’ve been working on with the bands I’m working with……  I was going to upload “Rainy Day Women 12 & 35”, that’s going to be on my solo album, but, the Super mastered version that was mastered by Weldon of Seattle (He’s the MAN!) that […]

Official Welcome…..

Forgot my manners – Comes with age, I guess…..  We do have a new member of the MR Community and we all need to give him a big old-fashioned welcome…..  I hereby welcome Raj to our community of malcontents, rejects, usurpers, and all around rabble rousers…..  WELCOME RAJ and hopefully you won’t live to regret […]

“The Russians are Coming”….

During the “Cold War”, Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical attacks by Russia were a real threat…. The following is a tri-fold, card stock, six page, wallet size pamphlet issued to ALL Army personnel… This is the one I was issued in 1966…. It goes into detail of what to do when an attack is imminent, what […]

This says it all!

Okie Weather Pt. 2

About that time of year, as soon as all this snow & ice melts!