Travelogue 10/28

Ok after loading in So. Cal. we went to Calexico,CA and loaded more. I had to show the forklift driver how to make 1 box fit. I have to do my job and his too! Then we swapped with another team (2 drivers) so it could deliver on time. went back to calexico an dropped and hooked now headed for Charlotte, NC via OKC. gotta attend quarterly safety meeting. gotta go more later.

2 Responses to “Travelogue 10/28”

  1. Well, back in OKC. Safety meeting tomorrow morn. then off to?. We are supposed to be back here on the 1st for home time, can’t wait. good night.

  2. Good to hear from you again, Mr J…. And just to make you feel a little better about your profession, here’s a demo version of “Truck Driving Man” done by “Wolfbrand Band” in 1973…. Got another one for you that I’ll Post in one of The Archive Posts…. Give me a shout if you have time….

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