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Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen…..

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it’s back to stinkin’ work I go….. Yep, I’m rejoining the work force of America….. Got offered a job I couldn’t refuse…… I guess money does talk in some cases….. Supposed to be a nice cushy office gig with my own office…… Hopefully, it will turn out to be as good as sounds….. […]

E-QUIZ 21: River Banks

This weeks quiz asks, ” how do you determine the left from the right bank of a river”.

Clerks II…..

J and Silent Bob are at it again……. Kevin Smith’s Clerks II is in the theatres and I’m going….. Anyone else?…. Should be good if you enjoyed any of the off-color, off-beat humor of his other films….. I’ll probably go this week-end and file a report then…. If anyone has already seen it, give us […]

E-QUIZ 20: Elephant/Tortoise

FROM INDIA……..The name of the elephant that supports the earth and for extra points the tortoise under him.

Political Forecast…..

Tomorrow we have primary elections….. Here are the last names of some of the candidates: Savage, Hunter, Gigger, and Mankiller….. With names like that I predict some “Brutal Politics” in Oklahoma come the November elections…..

New Blog Look……

Thanks go out to Jek for the face-lift….. Check it out and us know your likes or gripes…. Just leave a comment on this Post…… It’s not entirely set-in-stone yet, so speak-up now or forever hold your blog……

Do you like your Beatles sliced or diced?

Check out these jumbled-together Beatles tunes by “Sacred Cowboy”. A friend turned me onto a radio program called “Do or DIY” which plays all sorts of twisted stuff.  The June 19th show featured “Norwogian Weed” (see link), probably the best of the 5.  Enjoy!

Speaking of Airlines…….

I have a question……. On the national news yesterday, they ran a story on the airline’s recovery from 911….. The three major airlines were showing profits from 150 million to 350 million this year, which is more than double their profits for the same period last year…… They accomplished this by cutting flights resulting in […]

Airline Maintenance Fixes……

I haven’t posted a “WELL DUH!” in a while…… I got this from a friend and don’t know if it has made the rounds or not, but I thought if you hadn’t seen it, you might enjoy it……. **Remember it takes a college degree to fly a plane, but only a high school diploma to […]

Money Maggots At Work…….

Oh, I guess I’m supposed to be politically correct and call them magnates, but I think maggots fits much better…… Not really being a sports nut nor a gambler (I think if gambling laws were enforced you would see a very serious drop in the interest of professional sports)…… At 5:00 pm CST today, the […]

Need a Pick-up?…….

No, not one with four wheels or a health drink – an acoustic guitar pick-up…….. I was ready to lay down some acoustic guitar tracks for the song I wrote, but didn’t want to use a mike because the old living room is not soundproofed from the noisy neighborhood and with 100+ temps, I wasn’t […]

E-QUIZ 19: Dancing Mania

What is the name for the dancing mania which in 1800 appeared in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia? Those of you who have played in a band may be familiar with particular malady.

Is Everyone a Self-centered S.O.B. these days?…..

……or am I just the only person who runs into them?…… I sold a piece of property a few years back…… The person I sold it to was a friend of a co-worker……. Seemed like a nice hard working person with limited resources, so I sold him the property on a payment plan spanning over […]

E-QUIZ 18: Disorderly Dining

Who said “Disorder breakfasts with plenty, dines with poverty, sups with misery, and sleeps with death”? Heavy!

Dodge Challenger in 2008

What’s that rumblin’ in the distance?  Oh, My, Gawd; It’s a Dodge!  The new 2008 Dodge Challenger that is. Picture yourself in a seat of a rever With tangerine paint and big Hemi thighs     -John, Paul, George, Ringo, Petty Chrysler has finally announced that the Challenger is graduating from Concept Car to Production Car.  Here’s […]