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One last WELL, DUH! for 2005…….

This one you need to think about for a moment…… The Optimist thinks that this is the best of all possible worlds…….. The pessimist knows it…….. – J. Robert Oppenheimer, scientist So-o-o, you either go into 2006 thinking everything couldn’t be better, or everything’s going to Hell in a handbasket……. I’m short a handbasket……

Bye Bye ’05

Well everyone, heres saying good bye to another year. How bout all the high points of 2005……………..Hmmmmm………….Hold on I’m thinki’n! Happy 2006 everyone!!!

New Years Rez…….

Not long until New Year’s……. Anyone out there made any New Year’s resolutions yet?……. With the trouble I’m having with certain posting protocols, I’m going to make a resolution to learn more about HTML……. Another one is doing more music……. Over the years, I have managed to write tons of lyrics and about the same […]

It’s Done, Done and Done……

I had an interesting Christmas day……. I had a visit from my brother, talked to my son a couple of times in Seattle……. Both nice things in themselves, but, I mostly spent the day in Too-Loose studios with a guitar, a mike, a Tascam US-122 interface and my laptop with Cubase SL recording/mixing program and […]

Christmas Day…

Yeah, I got up early….. Why?…… ’cause it’s CHRISTMAS! and it only comes once a year (that’s only 24 hours and I’ve already slept through a quarter of them)……. People to see and a recording to do (don’t ask, but if you read the post just before this you’ll know)…….. Busy but enjoyable……. I hope […]

A Season’s Song (with the chords)…….

Note: This version now contains some lyrics supplied by Jek….. They are printed in bold and italics…… Thanks Jek….. If you have been following this post you know that I’ve been writing a Christmas song over the last couple of years…… The problem is Christmas comes too fast when you start only a week before, […]

Best Live Performances you missed….

As an opposite to Randalf’s BEST LIVE PERFORMANCES, I thought it might be interesting to fess-up to some of those performances you could have went to but didn’t for some reason or other and now after all these days/years regret your decision…… There are two concerts I didn’t go to that quickly come to mind…. […]

Selling Out

how to get my ex girlfriend back – THIS JUST IN: From an article in the Sacramento Bee about rock stars selling out to the “Man”. …..selling their music for commercial ads. Seems not everyone sold out. “One example of going to far might be Preparation H’s bid in 2004 to use Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring […]

Who Woulda’ Thunk It?

Doobie Brother now a secret weapon on terror Rock ‘n’ Roll guitarist Jeff Baxter talks about being one of the countries top counter-terrorism experts. “Today” correspondent Jaime Gangel reports Guitarist Jeff Baxter is a founding member of Steely Dan and a member of the Doobie Brothers. The 56-year-old Baxter has eight platinum albums and two […]


I’d like to hear about some of the best live performances you guys have seen. I’ve experienced a lot of great concerts, but two of them seem to stand out—King Crimson’s Lark’s Tongues tour ( the warm-up act was Gentle Giant), and Jethro Tull’s Aqualung tour (the warm-up act was Yes).

Favorite 60s group

With all the worship of the Beatles and Stones that goes on here, along with other 60s groups that may or may not be XTC anachronisms, I’ve heard nary a mention of Cream (or The Who for that matter, but we’ll leave that for another time). Last week on the local PBS affiliate, I caught […]

Contributions Sought

This is a most worthy cause and should receive your highest consideration……. I need to raise a few million, possibly even a billion or so to accomplish this most needed project……. I want to buy the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, bulldoze it to the ground, turn the property back into a natural grassland, and graze […]

Help Needed

My problem is this: I have a 5 year old IMac, on this I have lots of data and music saved upon. I need a way to transfer all that I have saved on the Mac to my PC, or burn it to discs using the burner in my Laptop. I really do not want […]

A show about nothing

No I don’t mean Seinfeld. I have been listening to a show on the comedy channel on Sirius radio called “Brewer Unleashed” Staring SNL alum. Jim Brewer and some of the guys that he grew up with it is basicly a show bout nothing but Hilarious just the same. My challenge to a certian blogger/poster….. […]

Inane Drivel Post #2 – Hendrix, Shades Of

If 6 were really 9 would that mean you’d get 3 more beers in a 6-pack?……… Would 3 X 3 = 6?……. Would you actually be buried 9 feet under?……. Would you have to show-up at 6 o’clock for a 9 o’clock appointment and/or visa-versa?……..