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Hamlet, a Strange Brew

Tarn and I saw Hamlet last night put on by Seattle’s Shakespeare in the Park Company, GreenStage. (If you’re ever in Seattle and want some Shakespeare action, they do a great job!) One thing that I realized a while ago when seeing Hamlet in Ashland, was the 1983 comedy movie Strange Brew was losely based-on […]

Hope and Inspiration

Amazing thing happened to me on my bike ride home today: I was stopped at a 4-way red light. A guy in a SUV heading perpendicular was having trouble starting his vehicle. (Apparently it just died.) As soon as my light turned green, I planned to help him. However within seconds a pedestrian across the […]

Ghostbusters Update

Coming soon to a show near you ECTO-1 The origional Ghostbusters Car. Will be at the Penny Arcade Expo at the Seattle Convention Center Aug 29-31 Also coming this fall from Sierra Entertainment the New Ghostbusters Game Starring the voices of all from the movie (Except Rick Moranis)