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Are there any advantages to being stupid?

It’s an attractive lifestyle choice because you won’t have to worry about losing your mind when you grow old if you lose it when you’re young…… Besides, the progressive dumbing down of America can be taken as a compliment….. Everyone else is trying to become more like you….. Plus, think of the sarcasm relief…… We […]

Watch those pedestrians

That pedestrian crossing the road may not be your buddy: he may be an undercover police officer.  On a single day alone, Seattle police handed out tickets for 1 in 6 crossings, amounting to 21 tickets.  This is in response to a surge in Seattle pedestrian collisions. (See Know the rules of the road? for […]

Come on guys; it’s time to clean house

An article in the Seattle Times on Saturday states that only 20 percent of men say they clean house.  Here’s the relevant bits of the article by David Bradley: This just in: Men don’t like to clean house. Millions of women are surely tempted to say, “Tell me something I don’t know.” Statistics bolster what […]

Mexicians Feel Pull to USA

This is the by-line from a USA Today article Page 1 this last week. The article states that 40% of Mexican adults would move to the USA if they could, and would do so illegally if necessary. It seems that this is happening allready, I refer to MR’s stats in his post “I don’t want […]

Bike buying tips

A good friend of mine recently gave HuskySooner some buying tips for a new bike.  I think others might be interested: Hey HuskySooner, I’m not sure how much you want to spend, but I would recommend a minimum of around $450 if you want something to last. Now is actually a good time to get […]

Bird on a wire…….

Yeah, you see birds sitting on highline wires all the time….. They can get away with it because their legs are too short for them to be able to touch more than one wire at a time and unless they fall with the wire, they’re not going to come in contact with the ground and […]

Everything You Always Wanted to Know but Were Too Smart to Ask……

What’s the smartest form of government? Thomas Jefferson was smart enough to know that in a democracy we get to choose the people who will then screw up our lives….. But, in a monarchy the people who will screw up our lives are chosen by divine right, which proves that God has no better luck […]

GhostCycle — Bicycle awareness

Earlier this week, broken, beat-up bikes entirely painted with white primer appeared tied to select Seattle street lights with signs on them that read “a cyclist was struck here”.  It is a move by an anonymous group to promote bike awareness to car drivers.  Each GhostCycle has a story behind it posted on  This […]

Pool payola

Oh, this is fitting. Schmuck by the pool trying to impress a gal and ends up costing his company million$. A Sony Music promo exec unknowingly sparked Attorney General Eliot Spitzer’s major payola investigation when he started hitting on a woman at a poolside bar at a Miami hotel last year. The exec bragged about […]