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West Spanish Peak Expedition

After seeing Jek’s beautiful photo from the great northwest, I thought I’d share one from a hike I took with some neighbors, also a couple of weeks ago. This one was taken between Cordova Pass and West Spanish Peak in the Blood O’ Christ mountains. We reached the summit about 2 hours and some sangre, […]

Image Test – Mount Stuart

Randalf’s post reminded me that there was a bug in the image upload code for IE users. I made a change and am testing it with this post. Please enjoy the shot of Mount Stuart below from our backpacking trip a couple of weeks ago near Iron Peak, which is south of The Enchantments.

Hiking the Ridge……

At Jek’s request, here is MR, Master Climber, “Beating Hurricane Ridge”…… Well, second behind Tarn – Darn Tarn!……

High (?) in The Olympics……

As requested by Jek, here are a couple of starter shots from my Great North West Adventure….. This is “Hurricane Ridge”…… It’s in The Olympic Mountains and over a mile above sea level….. The cool thing is that you’re not that far from sea level, as in the Pacific Ocean…… Here’s my “Best Shot” from […]

SUVs: Feeling Safe vs. Being Safe

A friend of ours has been looking to buy a compact SUV. His reasons: safety and the need to drive high-clearance roads for hiking. Let’s look at the latter first. Tarn and I take our Honda Accord on our hiking adventures and have yet to encounter a Washington back road we couldn’t clear. Our friend […]

Proper use of Hiking Boots

Put ’em on your feet, lace ’em up, and promptly put your feet on the coffee table and tune your TV to PBS and watch a “Climbing Mt. Whatever” special……. (Just Kidding!) We need some expert input here since my longest hike was about a mile with a overnight camp….. Although, I did have the […]