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Well it’s about time……

Looks like Tokyo just got a great theme hotel. What’s better than an overnight stay in Tokyo and seeing this from the window?     Fittingly built at the old Toho Shinjuku Theater Building, they stuck a life-sized head 17 stories up, and the hotel sports a few View Rooms for about $125/night, and a […]

Silent Hogs?……

What’s the most recognized motorcycle in the World? – By design and sound – Harley Davidson, correct?…..  The famous Harley sound and design has been copied by all the top motorcycle manufacturers…..  Well, H-D’s going in a new direction – ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES – Yep, the only thing you hear is the slight whine of the […]

Don’t they do this already?

I’d threaten JJ with the claim that this was an actual product, but I’m sure he sees similar (if not worse) on a daily basis….

Malaysia Airlines 370, Please Phone Home!

OK Here’s my opinion on the whole Missing Plane thing. ( I know no one asked for it but here it is anyway) 1st. I do not think the Malaysian Officials are Hiding anything, I feel that they are In so far over their heads that they don’t know how to conduct this investigation and […]

A new Post

There, I Posted something. Hi From Round Rock, TX. Hope to be headed home this weekend. Later.

I’ve Got It…..

Going to Seattle soon…..  The part I hate is going through Security…..  Here’s my plan…..  I’m wearing NOTHING but see-through underwear – no shoes, no pants, no shirt, etc……  My bags with all be transparent plastic and anything electronic I’ll ship a day or two ahead of departure…..  It may sound weird, but, that’s right […]

An Open Letter to the Motoring Public.

This is not directed to our little community But to the rest of the world. I know everyone has seen these signs: But how many know what they mean, or what you as a driver your supposed to do? Upon entering a freeway we all encounter these signs, On the right is a Merge sign, […]

Travelogue 12/05

Greetings all from sunny Ripon, CA. Beats the heck out of the snow and ice of the last 2 days in NM. and AZ. Hope all had a good turkey/ham day. Me, Mrs. JJ, MR and his sis in law let the restaraunt do the cookin’ & cleanin’. The hot topic of dicussion on the […]

Travelogue 11/17

Hi all. Here again in Eagle Pass, TX. Me and PDB Been loggin’ the miles this tour. 5500 since last home time (just tryin’ to keep up with MR) Mostly up and down I-35 with a detour to chicago and Nogales, AZ. lookin’ forward to Turkey day. I might actually be home this year. last […]

Is it Really that bad?

If we believe the media, “Gas Prices are too High, People are not traveling as much” “The Job Market is the worst it has been since the ’30s And people do not have money” Etc. Well I say that it is BS. Traveling down the highways of our nation, there is more Traffic than ever […]

Home Sweet Home

Well as MR said in the last post “Hey Lucy I’m Home“. Good to be home, I’m taking all of my 3 accrued days off. I want to thank all of you for traveling with us this tour. Hope you got a little glimpse of what life Is like out there for a Over The […]

Travelin’ with PDB…

Howdy everyone, just shut down for the night in Cuba, MO. What a week it’s been. After swapping with another team in Gila Bend,AZ. we headed back to S. Cal. got stopped and inspected at the CA scales where we got a citation for 1 brake shoe that was too thin. Thats how CS it […]

Travelogue 10/28

Ok after loading in So. Cal. we went to Calexico,CA and loaded more. I had to show the forklift driver how to make 1 box fit. I have to do my job and his too! Then we swapped with another team (2 drivers) so it could deliver on time. went back to calexico an dropped […]

Lookin’ @ the world thru a windshield 10/15

Well today finds us in Gaston, SC. Waiting to get loaded. Just had a good phone call with MR. Hope you get to feeling better. We are scheduled to deliver in W. Palm Beach, FL on mon. the 17th at 0630 Then go to Pompano Beach, FL to P/U for Dallas, TX. It’s nice to […]

Lookin’ at the World thru a Windshield 10/13

Well, kids here we are back on the road. Heading for Charlotte, N.C. can you say yoyo?