Lookin’ at the World thru a Windshield 10/11

I originally put up a post just before I got rolling Tues. morn but I guess it did not go thru, I’m still learning to use the phone as a browser.
Anyhoo, I just made it home gonna take the 12th off and get back on the road Thursday the 13th. Talk to all of you then. J.

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  1. I guess in the Trucking Industry, you don’t make regular weeks and/or weekends?….. Looks like you’re on call 24/7, either hauling a load or waiting on one….. A very different life style, indeed…….

  2. Yeah, Unless one is lucky enough to have a “Dedicated Run” It’s hard to plan a life. ie: When I drove for the bathtub company I would leave Edmond 0900 Mon am, Indianapolis 1200 Tue. Dayton, OH Tues eve. Wed 0800 Columbus, OH Wed 1600 Youngstown, OH. Thursday 0700 Erie, MI. Back in Edmond 1700 Fri. I miss that especially since I am wanting to get back into music/recording.

  3. I never heard of a musician that could keep a regular schedule, and from what I’ve heard from you, truckers don’t get a schedule they are just expected to get the load there on time. They probably let you know that you’re late 30 minutes after you’re 30 minutes late. Which is 30 minutes after you delivered the load 30 minutes early.

  4. Yes, but, since you’re on a “Need to Know” basis, Robo, you get docked 30 minutes for the 30 minutes that you knew nothing about 30 minutes ago, but, if you would have delivered the load 30 minutes early, your logs would have been inspected, you would have to wait 30 minutes before you got unloaded, and, the next trip to that destination would be allowed a 30 minute shorter delivery time, of which you would find out about when you showed up an hour late at that time…… Huh?????……

  5. Are you training to become a dispatcher? that’s exactly what they sound like.

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