Travelogue 10/31

Well here we are in Whitestown, IN. We unloaded at 0dark30 this morning in Chicago. Deadheaded 120 miles to Rochester, IN. loaded, and brought the load to a team to deliver tomorrow morning in Norman, OK. Now waiting till tomorrow with 3 other drivers to combine all of our freight onto 1 trailer. Happy trick or treat everyone

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  1. Hopefully you survived the tricks and the treats, J.J…… All in All, it was fairly quiet around here….. If you combine all your freight onto 1 trailer, does that mean you are going to pack 4 drivers in the cab????…… What a way to run a railroad, as Daffy would say…… Happy one day after Halloween……..

  2. Ok here’s the scoop on what happened in Indiana. We picked up at a warehouse that handles home depot displays. 2 other drivers pucked up at the same time. my load had 2 stops both in the Phoenix area, 1 of the others had only 1 stop consisting of 1 pallet going to the Wilcox, AZ store, and the other had 2 stops went to the Los Angeles area. You ever wonder why prices are so high at Home Depot? 3 trucks to haul 12 skids that when combined fit loosely on my trailer. Now granted this gave 3 different drivers work, but cost HD 3X as much. So we combined, the other 2 trucks picked up other loads, and I brought it to OKC to relay with another truck. And they call that Logistics.

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