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This mall has everything

The end of an era is finally upon us. Mall

The Answer really is 42

42 (click it)

Bye Sarah, Thanks for calling

Will some one please tell the Palin Family (And I do not mean Michael) that their 15 minutes is up, and please crawl back under whatever pile of Moose Dung they came from up there in the tundra. The fact that anyone even pays attention to what they are up to or saying…………..OK you got […]

The home of the BRAVE

I was listening to Eggman the last 2 days and the topic of choice is the controversy surrounding the singing of the National anthem at Sooner games. Now it has been over 30 years since I set foot inside Owen Stadium for a game but I hear the new thing is at the end of […]

Chicago Blues…..

“Just a White Boy lost in the Blues” (John Mayall) – Chicago style, that is!…. Having a great time in the Windy City, takin’ in the sights and especially the Blues Sounds….. Here’s a couple of great Bluesmen I had the honor to see perform live since I’ve been here, and, if you’re Blues inclined, […]

Fuel Additive…..

I went into the local WalMart to purchase some fuel additive for my ’89 Dodge Raider….. With 180k on the odometer it sometimes gets in these sluggish moods…. The check-out lady asked me if I was at least 18 years of age in order to purchase the product…. I replied, rather snippy, “Lady, my car […]