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Since I’m going to be heading out of town on Thursday, and, as par for the course, I’m not packed and ready yet, I thought I would Post this Archive a bit early…. Since there was a request for “King Crimson”, here’s “Terraplane’s” version of “Lark’s Tongue in Aspic“, and since this is an instrumental, I thought I would throw in our version of a “Jethro Tull” track called “Bungle in the Jungle” with Randy on Vocals…. These were recorded on August 26, 1975 on the OU campus live and outside between the Housing Towers….. These cuts are the most heard of any of our stuff, as I made a CD from them in 2000 for the band members and a few friends…. Again, this was recorded on my self-built HeathKit cassette deck placed about 100 feet out in front of the stage with two little cheap mikes (the good ones were on the stage)…. I made a direct copy of the cassette to a CD recorderThere was no tweaking, post editing, processing, compression…. What you hear is what the audience heard that day….

The personnel in “Terraplane” changed on occasion…. We’ll call this one: Terraplane Main Version, as the bulk of our recorded output came from this line-up…. The members were Randy Stark: Lead Vocals, Moog, FluteRoger Harrison: Vocals, BassRick Lopez: Drums, Occasional vocal harassment of the audience and band members (in jest, of course)Dan Rowell: Vocals, Lead Guitar, GuitarMRambler: Vocals, Slide Guitar, Guitar, Harp….

Here’s what the CD cover front and back looked like…. I’m going to have to run me off a copy as it seems PD Bob made a coaster out of the one I had (A-R-R-GH!)..

The back cover shot was from a rehearsal we did out on “The Farm” on N.E. 63rd St., Spencer, OK … I Might be talked into making a few extra copies if enough people indicate that they would be wanting to “Live in the Past”…. Of course, there would be a nominal fee – Too-Loose Productions doesn’t run for free, you know (Ha!)…..

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  1. Reserve me a copy please. No I never got one.

  2. You’ve been officially added to the list, Mr. J….. That makes two of us so far…… I know, the Post hasn’t been up that long, but, the more copies I make, the more expensive they will be – Oh, maybe that’s supposed to be “Cheaper”…. N-a-ah, that’s not the way Big Business and the 1%er’s ruin (that’s right – RUIN) things these days….. Anyway, enjoy the music…….

  3. I’ll pay nominally.

  4. Put me on the list although I may have one already between my junk and Debra’s stuff I don’t know what’s in this house.

  5. That’s a nominal offer you’re making, Anon, so I’ll add you to the nominal list (Ha!)….. By adding Robo, that makes 5 copies……

    I’ll probably make at least 10, which is how many I made in 2000, and pass ’em out to whoever wants them…. I think I can afford it…. It might be a couple of weeks or so, as I’m going out of town ’til Tuesday, then rest up from being out of town, then find all the artwork that goes with the CD, and then finally make them….. So, if you’re not in a hurry – the cost is FREE!….. Special Orders are a completely different thing…..

  6. Dude, iTunes.

  7. You’re right, HS…… I had thought of it before…… Posting all the Terraplane and Wolfbrand Band material on my website and then anyone who wants any of it could download it…… I would include any graphics/photos of the groups and maybe even the history of them….

    The tracks I am posting now, I pulled off my iTunes….. I think everyone on the blog has iTunes….. Now, I just have to upgrade my website as I have just let it set for years now…… It’s six one way and a half dozen the other…. I will have work to do either way I go….. It’ll be fun though, and, I’ve needed to update my website for a while anyway….

    Since it will take me some time to upgrade my website, I will continue the Archives thing to keep everyone interested (I Hope)…… I will post a “Release Date” for each gig when I get them up on the website…..

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