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John Lennon – Born 09OCT1940

Everyone take a few moments out of your life to remember someone who gave something to everyone (if they were intelligent enough to comprehend)…..  That’s my opinion, and, to this day, I still miss him……  Happy Birthday, John – See Ya again someday…..  How ’bout a little “Yer Blues” off the “White Album” from John…..  Give it […]

Lookin’ at the world thru a windshield.10-9/15-11

Here’s an average week for me. Hope it is not too boring.


Are you guys interested in a little travelog of one of my weeks? now that I can update daily, I can post a running post from the road. If so let me know. if not let me know.

Happy Birthday Mr. MR

You say it’s your Birthday….Dananana dada It’s My birthday Too yeah…..Dananana Bombobbob You say it’s your birthday…..Dadadadad dana Were gonna have a good time… Dadananana I’m glad it’s your birthday…..Happy Birthday to you. Sorry I don’t have a mp3 of it on this computer. Six Five years young. Gotta love it. Here’s to sixty five […]